Let’s Talk About…

Here are the things that I owned which are very dear to me since I am attached to them so much. The things that are my favorites hmmmm to use everyday or those that I use for special occasions…

—>Lets talk about my Perfumes/Cologne Sprays<—-I love fragrants that are of light sweet scents. I am more into cologne sprays rather that perfumes. But there’s of course somehoe, I can’t avoid admiring perfumes too.

I owned A Tommy Hilfiger TrueStar which was given to me by my cousin as a present for my graduation. It is actually the inspired my singer/actress Beyonce Knowles and truely has very sweet smell. I only use this during special occasion 😀


The frequent fragrance that I use almost everyday is Victorias Secret’s Endless Love cologne spray. I love this scent so much. It has a very light smell and so fresh. I also have some cologne spray scents like Romantic Wish, Love Spell and Sweet Temptation which are still unused since I still have my Love Spell. All of them were given by my brother.
Victoria’s Secret Endless Love Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Victoria’s Secret Sweet Sensation

—>Lets talk about my Lotions<—-

I can’t complete a shower or a bath without pampering my skin with lotion. The everyday lotion that I use everyday is the Nivea Triple Action Care Lotion. But at night I am using the Nivea Night Whitening Milk Lotion. I also have my Victoria’s Secret lotions which I usually use if I want to be more sexy! (hahaha kidding) depends on what mood I am in. 😀

Nivea Triple Action Care Nivea Night Whitening Milk Lotion      Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace Lotion      Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Lotion      Victoria’s Secret Pear Glace Lotion



  1. I lv victoria secret its da best perfume…i like ur blog as well


  2. Hi Varsha that’s great! we both love Victoria’s Secret… 😀 I also admire their lotions a lot.. hope you do too.. 😉
    Thanks for appreciating my blog.. 😀

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