Pochi’s Pix


I decided to make Pochi his own page here in my blog. Aside from writing something for him I decided to make this for his photos. In this page, I will post here the all of Pochi’s photos from the oldest to the latest… 😀

January 20, 2007

pochi61.jpg 41.jpg pochi21.jpg pochi8.jpg

January 22, 2007

pochi10.jpg pochi9.jpg

January 29, 2007

33.jpg 43.jpg 45.jpg

February 2, 2007

pochi.jpg pochigwap.jpg

March 3, 2007

Pochi’s First Swim

pp1.jpg pp2.jpg

Pochi’s first out of town trip (Maasin). He is really getting bigger and cuter as ever! And that make me feel better everyday. Pochi takes my stress away.  😀

pochipoch2.jpg   pochipoch.jpg



  1. what a cute dog

  2. Yup! he is really cute.. 😀 thanks..! 😀

  3. ayun dito pla.. naalala ko ung aso ko ganyan rin yung itsura nya kso tsugi na… huhuhuhhu

  4. Lol…sana wag naman ma tsugi aso ko agad2x.. 😉

  5. sexy

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