WHO is BEVS?!?

“My Life has never been so good..it’s always PERFECT!~~~Bevs

Hello everyone this is Bevs signing in….

Who is Bevs?

I am just a typical woman just like every woman out there. But the only difference I have from the others is that I rule my life without anybody’s help.

I love my family. They’re my center priority. I am always complete because of them.

Music is my top favorite leisure. Also movies, trekking and of course my ever favorite, BEACHES.

I’m a bit childish, but mind you, I can melt a heart in seconds! haha kidding!

I have lots of friends. I am friendly even if others wont agree coz they judge me as super grumpy and snobbish. Well…Have nothing to do with that!

Anyways, just keep on track with my blog for i post here every update of my life, everything on my mind…

B-evelyn is
E-energetic, loving and


S-weet person

See yah…



  1. hi bevs and why are you sooooooooo famous on this website?!

  2. hi tay… i am famous? uhmmm?? i don’t know about that huh…

  3. BEVS I SAID SEND IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bevs i wanna thank you very much…..
    the song i am gonna win is the motto of my life
    i abide by it i heard this song about 6 yrs back…and coincidentally i had got a copy of its lyrics…i held it close to me all through these yrs…unfortunately i got pick pocketed and i lost tht copy of lyrics…i search the net didnt gt it frm any site ..but u saved my life….i gt it back ..thank you …

  5. Hi there Piku.. 😀
    You’re welcome.. 🙂
    I love that song too.. Everytime I hear it, I always remember those hard times that I had, but still I conquered them all.. 😀
    Brian, did a great job on this song. 🙂
    Btw, thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂
    take care

  6. hi Bevs.. uhm.. magkapangalan tayoo.. 😀 Beverly ka ba?

  7. Hi Angel/Bevs 😀

    Uhm.. My nickname is Bevs pero hindi Beverly yung real name ko but Bevelyn. 😉

  8. Maganda yung site mo, relaxing sa eyes..keep it up

  9. Hi bevs, labay lng ko ah…wla ka gd ghmbal nga me blog ka. Sanu ta to execute ang plan? hehehe… exchange links? 🙂

  10. Hi Mark! Hahaha

    Hipos lang secret ta to pro.. 😛

  11. Hi bevs .. 🙂

  12. drop by lang

  13. Really nice Blog. 🙂

    Congratulations and Good Luck.

  14. Thanks.. 😉

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