What’s the WORD? Spell it…Explain it!

Wow! I am making another page! Imagine that? 😀

“What’s the WORD? Spell it…Explain it!” Yup! This is the title. You may ask? What is this all about?

This page is about learning new word: its correct spelling and meaning. Sometimes, there are words that suddenly pop to my mind without even knowing what’s their meaning. Or there are times when at work, while doing project/task, there I stumbled on those “alien” words.

This page will serve as my dictionary. Where, I’ll be posting any words meaningful or meaningless that won’t matter at all. 😀

Just want to say thank you for wiki and thesaurus for that…




  1. Hey there. I found your site by accident. I was looking for the Miss Sout Carolina lyrics… Thank you. Like, everywhere, such as…

    Good luck with your word page. I found this on wikipedia: an article on English words with uncommon properties. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_words_with_uncommon_properties


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