Christmas Party with the Family

Hello everyone!

How’s your Christmas? How did you celebrate it? Oh well, me?? Christmas has always been the greatest day for me. Where my family gather together to celebrate that special day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last December 25th my family celebrate Christmas with a very simple yet fun christmas party. We had games and gift giving!

It’s fun ’cause almost all family members were there except for those who are working abroad like my brother, uncle and cousin. And to those who are resting in peace whom we really miss!

We started the party by of course dinner! dinner! dinner! There were lots of different kinds of foods! Which made us really full! yum yum yum!

After the dinner we had a short program and games for the members while I was the one hosted the program and also the organizer of the games! (It was really frustrating and stressful but all paid out with every smile that i saw from us beacause of fun and excitement!) 😀

So here are the pictures taken from that day….


games1.JPG games2.JPG games3.JPG games4.JPG gamesapple.JPG

My Nieces and ….Very Cute…. Very Charming…


The ever Beautiful me with my cousins Babsy and Cathy..hehe (that’s me in red)


The Family…..



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