Why People Love Dogs

I don’t know why but I am really attached to dogs. I can easily love them. It’s so easy for me to make them as pet. I actually have two dogs of my own. They are Barbie and my Japanese Spitz’s Pochi. It’s so funny that playing with them takes my stress away, and somehow makes me smile. It’s such a nice feeling having them in my arms, hugging, kissing, and feeding them with their foods in my hands and letting them eat there.

But then yes, I know, they can’t live as long as humans can do. They have their life spans (shorter) *sigh*. How I wish God granted them longer lives. They really deserve longer lives don’t they? 😀

And why am I saying all these? Well it just happened that I stumbled on this article from Slate.com and read something about loving dogs. There’s a story in it from

My friend and fellow dog lover Edie, an occupational therapist in Massachusetts, has been looking for a mate for nearly 10 years. She finally thought she’d found one in Jeff, a nice guy, generous and funny, who teaches high school. They dated for several months, and just as there was talk about a future, it occurred to Edie that Jeff hadn’t really bonded with her yellow Lab, Sophie. In fact, as she thought more about it, she wasn’t sure Jeff was a dog guy at all.

She confronted him about this at dinner one night, and he confessed, in some anguish, that he didn’t love Sophie, didn’t love dogs in general, never had.

They broke up the next week. More accurately, she dumped him. “What can I say?” Edie told me, somewhat defensively. “Sophie has been there for me, day in and day out, for years. I can’t say the same of men. She’s my girl, my baby. Sooner or later, it would have ended.”

Sad but true… this is story isn’t only happened to Edie. I know that some people had experienced this situation too. Well, hopefully not to me. 😀

Yes, I love my dogs, but I make sure that loving them is not for a life time. They’ll be gone and leave my side sooner or later. I am ready. I love them, but the love that I am giving them is not the same as the LOVE that I’m giving to my loved ones, like my parents, friends and especially to Dee (it’s more special kind of love).

Experts have their explainations on this.



  1. I love dogs as well! I have 3 of them a collie cross lab, springer spainel and a lucher. I couldn’t live without them i love them so much.
    I would have done the same if i had a boyfriend who didn’t like my dogs good thing you got rid of him.
    It’s weird my spaniel knows when i am sick as i am at the moment and she sits next to me and licks my arms, sniffs me to make sure i’m ok and she’s like a second mum to me. Good thing i’m not going to school all next week she can take care of me 😀

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