I Miss My High School Life!

Here’s a video of a song from Vitamin C that will always remind me of High School…

Can you imagine that? It’s been 7 years since I graduated High School and yes I really miss the fun, excitement, hang outs and many things about it. Not only that, I also miss my friends, whom I haven’t seen for a long time. Kharen, Anabelle and Josephine are three of those people that I miss. These three women really rock! I really feel comfortable when I’m with them. With them, I can do anything. They’ve been very supportive to me and I love them so much. Especially Kharen L. Oh how I miss this girl. She’s my one ever supportive and understanding friend. I miss her so much since she’s in Manila right now. Though she came home last December, but then a day with her was not enough. I can’t wait to see you soon Kha! 😀


High School- when I was in my Elementary and about to graduate, I told my mother that I’ll surely miss that six years and told her that I never felt happier on that years of spending. But she contradicted it and said High School is much happier. I was skeptical of course at first. I said to my self, ok let’s see…..


There, High School came, and my mother was right! 😀 Compare to College and Elementary life, High School is really different. For four years of spending it, it’s like you’ll carry all those memories for a lifetime. I remember to have so many crushes! Gained friends, also have enemies….I also learned how to appreciate a lot of things. Not to forget different kinds of teachers. Their never ending mood swings are so hard to handle. Our batch is one of the coolest batches of all (Sorry. I’m bias hehe). I remember (Fourth year) when our class was sent to the Guidance office and was confronted by the councilors. Also, there was a time when our teacher from English (First year) class cried in front of us and even broke a ruler because she couldn’t help her temper because we were so naughty and noisy. Our Biology teacher and a terror one (Second year) scolded us because we didn’t want to join a trip together with her class. And so many others! Countless of things done by our undisputed Class, the Star A. Take note, that’s the highest section! 😛


Oh my, it’s been years but still fresh on my memory. Of course we often see each other during summer, and other occasions, but still some of us went to different places. But even if we are on our different paths, we still manage to communicate. I’m proud of my classmates also friends because they are the coolest ever. We never want to break the bond, so every year; we see to it that we have a reunion. Some may find it boring, but for me, it’s the time to reminisce and make the bond stronger.  😀


I just hope that nobody will change till we’re old!

I miss you guys! And hope to see a complete faces of Star A!

Hopefully sssoooooooonnn…. 😀





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