Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem:

This basically means “Seize the Day”. I first heard and knew this 5 years ago, during our English class. We had this movie preview where we had to make a summary of the movie afterwards. Carpe Diem is phrase from the movie Dead Young Poet’s which stars actor Robin William. But I’m not gonna talk about the movie here, since that was a classic and at the same time, I watched it years ago. But the movie is great. D

Carpe Diem…Seize the Day….Most of my friends spend their weekend bar hopping, going to karaoke bars, out of town visits and the overnight by drinking some beers, etc. They of course ask me so many times to go with them. Which I ought to decline. I have reasons though they still don’t believe me and would say, “fine, you are always saying that excuses over and over again”. So everytime they go out, they’ll never ask me anymore…. D

Kinda funny, cause my friend Joven told me by chance that I am a person with no social life! Definitely not true. Of course I have, but during Saturdays and Sundays I rather spend that two free days of mine with my family. Sometimes I go to malls and watch movies, just to relax and go shopping. But doing things that they do, will make it hard for me. Most of the times I told my self “Bevs, seize the day! You need to spend your time wisely!” That’s why when I’m home, I make sure that I don’t waste any moment. Sometimes, I take pictures of mine, my brothers, nieces and nephew, my Pochi and my family. Also, I bond with my nieces, bring Pochi to the beach and stroll around and have some talks with my mother and brother. Maybe my friends might say that I have no social life, but I know I have. Well, a bit different by what they have.

I always make sure that I have a quality time with my family, and if by chance I spend it with friends. My mother used to be strict to me when I was still studying. I used to have curfews, etc. I guess, now, she’s not, I’m sure she realized that I am not a kid anymore.

I live my life as it is. I’m happy in whatever way I manage it. D

Carpe Diem!



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  2. “I told my self, Bevs, seize the day! You need to spend your time wisely!” This is really true. You should be spending your time wisely. Time spent can never be regained again. This is the reason why we should treasure every moment we have.

    Giving your time to someone really means a lot. This is just like giving a part of your self. Good to know that you have spent it well with your family.

    Your family would be very grateful to have you. Treasure every moment and don’t let time pass by not showing how much you’ve loved them.

  3. hehehe..thanks jov. 😀
    Promise..if I really have time, i’ll join your gigs! 😛

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