A Movie which made me CRY

“He loved her like there wasn’t a tomorrow.” –“IF ONLY”


I admit I am not into watching romantic or drama movies but love to watch those action, comedy, adventure and horror/suspense movies instead. Because I hate crying in seeing movie that could only make me feel disappointed. *sigh*

Last year, my friend lets me see a VCD copy of a movie “If Only” which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. The movie seems so familiar to me because I saw it on the poster at the theater but didn’t have a chance to watch it.

Upon arriving at home, I turned on the player and TV and viewed it with my Sister-in-Law. The story is so touchy! Wow! This movie made me cry! I can’t really explain how this movie touched my heart. I guess, because of the story it has, so unique. You may ask me, “what the hell this movie is all about?” Very simple, it tells about how to appreciate the one you love.

And guess what? I watched it again yesterday! LOL…Just can’t get enough with this movie… 😀

The plot of the movie which I got from Wikipedia goes this way:

After his impetuous American musician girlfriend, Samantha, dies in an accident shortly after they had a fight, a grief-stricken British businessman, Ian Wyndham, living in London is suddenly awaken out of the nightmare, only to realise in next couple of minutes that the nightmare is turning out to be true. Yet, as he gets a chance to relive the day all over again, he tries his best to avoid the same sequence of events from occurring; in the hope of changing the events that led up to her getting killed. However, he soon realises that destined events go on occurring, no matter their way of occurrence and the order of events might change. So, its just one single way he can save her – by loving her as if there was no tomorrow. Love was eternal. After living a day where Ian Wyndham is the self-centered power-driven businessman who neglects his doting girlfriend, at the end of the day he finds himself in a cab where the taxi driver gives him some sound advice – show her you love her. Appreciate her. Still, a fight later ensues and his girlfriend dies in an accident that leaves him devastated. But he does get a second chance, and the next day he wakes up, with everything the same way it was the day before. Thinking he had an awful dream, he sets about his daily routine, only to realise that all the events that took place in his so-called dream, are in fact, being repeated, albeit in a different sequence. This leads to a revolutionary change in his own demeanour, where he begins to open up and show his girlfriend Samantha just how much he really does care about her. Alas though, it is too late and the end will leave one a bit more than mystified at what the significance of the whole film was really about.”

For me, loving someone isn’t about giving something to your loved one nor will just giving gifts do the rest. It is not. What is important is that, giving that “someone” what she/he deserves where as loving her/him by appreciating the way she/he is. I admit I am not that perfect when it comes to love, but knowing that a relationship needs to grow, nourished and nurture, giving someone I love the love that he needs and appreciating him in almost everyway should lead into a strong relationship. Yes, we’ve only just began but giving every best we have to make it last is the greatest thing to do.



  1. I am in love with this movie…

  2. its one from the most affective movies that i ever seen, it touch me deeply inside, i think if really u wanna know what’s love mean u must watch “if only”…

  3. so i watched this movie today and i cried my eyes out,which dosent happen often. i love this movie. if only the end was different..

  4. Same here Alex… I just come to think that everything really happens for a reason…

  5. I’m not in love with a person, but a movie
    It’s a great movie, and I did really cried my eyes out.

  6. hi every one, i also cried wen i first so this movie
    and every time wen i watch this movie i cry and now im 20 taning 21 on july 5th im deep in lovewith my gill friend her name is refilwe mekwa i realy appriciate her

  7. i love the movie if only where can i buy it its a really good movie and really sad

  8. Sorry for being late 🙂

    (aubrey here from South Africa)

    Just saw the movie on TV last night at first i thought aahh?? another love story by that time my Fiance whom i have a gorgeous Daughter were sleeping me having trouble to sleep on that night decided well nothing to see on that night. Well watching the movie there was something about the whole story at beginning i thought it was slow but then again i started enjoying it it smacked me in the face right after she got into an accident that made me soo sad:-( for me “if only” could be soo many things if only i loved more if only i told her if only i smiled more if only i laughed more if only…. but anyway at the end of the movie i felt like NO!!! it cant end like this because during the movie i shouted at the Guy(well not that loud people were sleeping) saying tell her you love here thinking that will change the outcome which it did, she then knew that he loved her. You know a lot of people love to say uuu!! dont love too much leave a room for disappointment but a realize that Dont leave a room for negative if you love, LOVE with everything you’ve got dont hold back if you want to kiss her in the middle of the street be like Nike Just Do it forget about the people by tomorrow they would have forgotten about seeing you kissing someone in the middle of he street (Watch the traffic light ok, dont get killed over what i say) Life is Short life is Long but ENJOY it My GOD, LIVE SMILE LAUGH APPRECIATE but what ever happens create memories because when we get old thats all whats left.

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