A Cousin, Friend and Sister

I was raised by my parents with my three big brothers and without a sister. But mind you, even if I’m very close to my brother, there’s never a chance for me to be a lesbian! 😛 I’m happy to be raise with my brothers. I admit, sometimes I long for a sister. Someone whom I can share thoughts with and tell secrets to her. But I was never lonely. 😀

With all those longings, still I found someone whom I treat as one. A cousin of mine, a woman that I treat as a sister, she’s Junelle a.k.a Babsy. You may ask, why Babsy? Hehehe Actually, I was the one who started to call her that name. Before, me and the rest of the family called her Baby Girl or B-Girl, since she’s an only daughter. It all started when we were young. I guess I was 10 or 11 years old, that time she was chubby, I don’t know what went through my mind and I suddenly called her that way. 😀 And from that time on, all of us in our family, my friends and hers call her that way! hahahaha…..That’s history huh?! 😀

Babsy and I grew up together. I was very young when we moved from my father’s place and decided to stay in my mother’s for good. Since she’s an only daughter and I’m the youngest among our cousins, plus our age gap is just 3 years, everything in us works. I can still remember how we treated each other. I used to sleep in there house and play with her. We had an amazing childhood.

When we grew up, nothings changed. Our friendship’s even grow more and more. But then, we are not perfect, we also had fights. But not that we punch each other! haha not that. What I mean is that, we had misunderstandings which sometimes lead to not talking to each other. But then, days, weeks, moths later everything went all right. 😀

But above all these, she’s still my cousin. A cousin whom I treasure most, a friend whom I can count on and a sister whom I can share thoughts with. Thanks for everything Babsy. I love you! 😀



  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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