Pizza Anyone?

Pizza..Pizza…Pizza.. I love Pizza! he he he…

It’s been a long time since I haven’t eat pizza at the Pizza Hut pizza parlor. Yup! Coz its a bit expensive eating there… hehehe….try to imagine our bill came up to 525 pesos with just one family size pizza!!!! whhhhaaaatttt?? yes.. 😀

O k, so we ordered their new pizza product, it’s cheesy tops. uhmmmmmm.. very delicious! I really love their pizza so much especially the CHEEESSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I then got to pic the pizza too.. and so as me of course..haha just can get enough of taking pictures..!!!! 😀

107.jpg 110.jpg 92.jpg

The Pizza! That’s me looking thinner… 😦

104.jpg 72.jpg

the painting inside..

93.jpg 98.jpg 106.jpg               108.jpg

Me again.. 😀                                                                                      Busy eating…hehe yum yum!


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