Immaculate Conception Feast

Foods and loads of ’em!!

December 8 is the patron saint feast of one of the towns here in Iloilo the Oton town. Which means that people in every houses celebrate, are cooking foods for the visitors that also serve as a thanks giving for the patron for the good things happened mostly for the blessings they received for the year.

Me and my friends visited houses of our friends to share their foods. 😀 It’s fun! I actually ate many menus and my stomach’s so full! Menus like fried chicken, beef, pork, vegies, desserts, the most popular Lechon! and many more! We visited three houses but then we only ate at one house since eating there alone made us satisfied.

Above the said celebration, the most important thing is that, Otonians gave their thank yous to the blessed Mary. That’s what matters most isn’t it. It’s not actually the foods it’s how we gave importance to our saints. 😀

We enjoyed a lot and actually we’ll see each other again (my friends) this Sunday for the thanks giving of my friend John for passing the Civil Engineering board exam…Im sure there will be more foods too… 😀

29.jpg  30.jpg   32.jpg


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