Bonding with my Cousin

Tonight, before going to work, me and my cousing Babsy dined together. I actually treated her so that somehow we could bond just like what we used to do before where we were still studying.

We had a great night together! We went to Afriques and ate Carbonara and Pizza, and Iced tea and lemonad as our drinks. We laughed a lot as we talked to so many funny things while eating our favorite foods. We had so much fun! We stayed there for about one hour and a half but damn it it seems like we were seating there for about five minutes?! ouch! I never noticed how time gone so fast!

We leaved the restaurant with our stomachs full and so as our faces filled with smiles.

I miss those times where me and my cousin shared conversations without knwoing that hey! time’s up!

I am looking forward we could do this again. 😀

OOOOoppppsssss!!! due to the busy talking and laughing, I even forgot to take pictures… 😦


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