Posted by: Bevs | November 25, 2008

The Dream Match

The much anticipated fight of the year is coming in two weeks! Can you believe that? Time flies so fast huh. I am one of the millions of fans waiting for the big Boxing event. As you can see, I’ve been posting some stuffs about the boxing fights here. 😛

So I am a woman…so what? I love Boxing! One of my brothers is betting for Oscar De La Hoya, while me and my other brother are rooting for Pacquiao of course. I don’t know what my brother’s thinking. He’s rooting for De La Hoya just to challenge me and my other brother! Haha I hate him!

Anyway, I’ve seen in the news this afternoon that Floyd Mayweather will be fighting again and he’s currently on training. It’s also been said that he’s fighting next, not Hatton nor De La Hoya, but he wants Manny Pacquiao. Haha. I don’t know if this is true..yet. But if ever, then that will be a good fight then.

Good luck to you Manny! Bring home the bacon, once again! 😛

*I’ve seen this video on Youtube about HBO’s Greatest Hits. So I’m posting it here Manny’s and Oscar’s video. Thank you HBO for these videos.
Watch these videos…:)



  1. I’m rooting for Manny too! I hope he’ll be the one to finally retire Oscar. Some people need a hint when it comes to the end of their career, haha.

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