Posted by: Bevs | November 22, 2008

Amazing Race Asia Season 3 Finale


This show is one of my favorites. Sad to say that it ended last night. The season finale of Amazing Race Asia is not good for me…hehe Well, obviously because team Philippines ended up second place. Eventhough they didn’t finish First, still I am proud to Geoff and Tisha. They did their best! I can see how they tried to win the race. Not bad, to be second placer…better that Marc and Rovilson who ended up Third last season and broke my heart. I was expecting for these two guys.

I am happy that Vince and Sam won. I also like Tanya and Ida, these girls rock!!! Well, I know Season 4 is coming up next year. I wanted to join actually…:P Nah just kidding.

To Team Philippines Congratulations!


First- Sam and Vince (Hong Kong)

Second- Tisha and Geoff (Philippines)

Third- Ida and Tanya (Malaysia)


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