Posted by: Bevs | November 4, 2008

My Self Esteem Creedo

I’ve been looking for this! Back when I was a Sophomore in High School, our teacher once gave this to us. I actually memorized this back then. But now? Huhuhu Sadly I don’t. 😦

Self Esteem Creed (aka Self Esteem Creedo)

Anyway, I am posting it here. Luckily I got the copy from my old notes. So I am posting it here. 😉

GOD made me, i was no accident, no happenstance.

I was in GOD’s plan… and He doesn’t make a junk, ever.

I was born to be a successful human being.

I am somebody special, unique, definitely one of a kind.

And I love me…

That is essential so that I might love you, too.

I have talents, potential.

Yes, there is greatness in me.

And if I harness that specialness,

then I will write my name in the sands of time with my deeds.



  1. Thanks for sharing these notes. They’re very positive. I’m a sentimental fool. I love digging up my old notes and reading them. I’m often shocked when I see something in my own writing and realize, ‘wow…that was me?’ I guess our bodies are not the only things that change. Our minds change as well and perhaps the growth of our souls.

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