Posted by: Bevs | October 29, 2008

Excited for the New NBA Season!

NBA 2008-2009 season has just started and I can’t wait for the game to begin. 😀

I miss my favorite teams and players. I miss my Boston Celtics’ Big Three-Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, I am also looking forward for AI-Alen Iverson and Lebrone James. I don’t miss Kobe! haha. Anyway, I don’t want to predict who will win the championship but I have to hope that my favorite team will be on the playoffs. I hope Boston Celtics will make it once again. Well, it’s gotta be exciting to know who will top this season. Good Luck to all of the teams! 😉



  1. Yes, as am I! I live in Oklahoma City and am ecstatic we finally have a team. By the way, I see you mentioned the Celtics (who did well last night) are your favorite.

    My friend received two tickets to the Boston @ OKC game for his birthday (he’s a Boston fan) from his girl friend. Turns out she can’t go now so he gave me one of them to me.

    Anyway, nice blog. Peace.

  2. I heard about your team OKC Thunder. I wish your team good luck! 😀

    Yes I like the Celtics :P. I hope you’ll enjoy the game.

    Thanks kyle for dropping by.

  3. Celtics …will not win the championship without James Posey .. just kiddin 😛

  4. wahaha bad james! 😛 Go Celtics! haha

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