Posted by: Bevs | October 9, 2008

I Lose Weight?

I had a compliment from my Aunt this morning. Well, I am not fat not even slim, just a medium built I guess. Or whatever would you call it. But I am not FAT. 😛

Anyway, she came on to me and told me that I look like I lose weight. She made me smile, in a way. So I answered.. REALLY? Thank you. 😀

I don’t know if I really do, but I guess if I really am, then there’s a possibility that my daily activity affects a lot. Since I had my resignation letter passed, I am a stay-home princess and sometimes skip meals for reasons (valid reasons of course). I just didn’t notice I stayed up till 2AM and woke up late and eat my meals super late.

To tell you, I don’t really give a damn much to my weight. Unlike some people who are willing to pay, to go to gym, have their diet watch and stuff like that. If I gain it’ll be fine…if I lose then it’ll be better.

I don’t aim to stay as slim as a model does, what for? I am not a model honey… 😛

I am just contented of what I already have.


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