Posted by: Bevs | September 15, 2008

I Just Love to Cook

I am a person who loves to eat and at the same time loves to cook. As a Filipina, I always like to cook our native dishes (though I also love cooking pasta!). My favorite dish is Adobo. Why Adobo? Easy to cook, lots of spices and really Filipino. πŸ˜›

Why am I talking about this by the way? Well, because weeks ago, I watched this TV Show “Hot Guys who Cook” from ETC channel. There’s this guy who is a Filipino as one of those “hot guys” and he cooked Adobo. At first I didn’t get it. I didn’t know that he was cooking Adobo at all and something’s not right! Haha I pity him so much, though he made me laugh in a way. πŸ˜€

Anyway, we all have different ideas or ways on how to cook it but for me, it’ll take a simple steps and I want to share it here:

1. Saute Onions Onion and Garlic.

2. Add Pork or Chicken, stir for 3 mins and add hot water.

3. When the Pork in tender and cooked, add soy sauce and vinegar (do not stir for 5 mins.)

4. Add spices like bay leaf, pepper, salt, oregano to taste.

5. Let it simmer for 15 minutes of until it’s good to taste. πŸ˜€

Happy cooking! πŸ˜€



  1. I don’t know if its laziness or being scared of raw food (outside of canned goods) that prevent me from cooking adobo. I mean…it’s a shame really, since I love this dish.

    I’ll give your recipe a try. You make it sound so simple! I just hope we have enough water in the house to put out the fire, haha. Thanks Bev!

  2. One question, what’s the average ml of hot water needed to cook the pork?

  3. @ Dennis

    Hello Kuya..hehe I know you can do it. πŸ™‚
    If you want to know more, then just ask me… πŸ˜‰

    @Mark Ian

    1.5 liters will do.. πŸ˜›

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