Posted by: Bevs | September 10, 2008

When People I Don’t Know, Know Me

I have a funny experience to share…

I met with my friend Joven at the Mall. On our way out, there’s this guy who said “hi” with a smile of his face and waved. So I tapped Joven and told him that somebody’s saying “hi” to him. Not knowing that I was the one whom he said his “hi” to! Ouch! I smiled then and said my “hello” to him without any idea who he was. P Later that I noticed that he looked to familiar and I remember his face and if my I’m mistaken, he’s my classmate when we’re in Kindergarten. D Joven laughed at me and even me, I laughed at my self… haha Bad Bevs!

This kind of thing never happened to me once. There are a lot of times…Years ago, I can still remember how this Sales Girl approached me when I was  searching for shirt to buy. She said “hi Bevs how are you?” I didn’t know what to do then, I was so shy and felt so inappropriate if I asked her who she is. So I just answered her questions! D Bad Bevs!

I guess I just have to be thankful that they know me. To those you know me that I don’t know and want to say “hi” just say it to me and for sure I’ll respond with a smile! Haha (feeling celebrity!) I’m approachable I’m telling you! ;)



  1. I get that uncomfortable experience a lot. It gets worst as you get older, haha. In my opinion, its best to bite the bullet and say, “hello, sorry I forgot your name!” The experience is richer when you leave them and think, “wow, he/she remembered me!”

    At one time, I thought this cute girl was interested in me as I was shopping. She said, “Hello!” I smiled and tried to act cool until I found out she was my niece. 😦

  2. That experience of yours is so funny Kuya! I hope it’ll never happen again! 😛

  3. Hey, stumbled upon your blog… That’s happened to before and I always feel so bad. I have a terrible memory, so there’s that.

    But it definitely makes me feel bad that I can’t say, “Hey [Insert name here], how’s it going?!” I know I’d feel like a douche if I approached someone and he/she doesn’t remember me at all!

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