Posted by: Bevs | August 14, 2008

I am Looking for Laptop Bags

I just had my laptop last week. It’s Acer Aspire 4715z. 😀

I am happy with it of course…but the thing is, I kinda find it hard carrying that bulky bag. 😦

And my shoulders are nearly sore coz it’s heavy. Well, the lappy itself is not that heavy, but the thing is since the bag is a messenger/sling bag typical laptop carrier, it’s really hard for me. Especially when riding on a public jeepney. huhuhu

So I’m looking for laptop bags. 🙂

Something that’s fashionable enough for me. 😀

Actually, I’ve seen one..or more (i still have my eyes on all of them..hehe), it’s a store located in Manila. Yep it will let me travel for an hour to get there via plane.Nope, nah, they’re offering delivery! yepppiii.. But err, still have my decision on hold yet… 😀

Anyway, if you are like me who has that problem.. you need take a look at their website: Click on the link or go directly to their website


*PS- This is not a paid advertisement..

Honestly, I am looking for a donor..someone who could buy me one of the bags there! 😛

Could it be you? Hehehe 😉



  1. I heard of a story of a lady who didn’t want to give her bag away at a jeepney when a thief pulled it from her. She had a laptop inside and refused to let it go. He shot her and ran away. Please be careful when traveling with that laptop. I’d pick a bag that’s comfortable but not ‘fashionable.’ It wouldn’t be prudent to bring more attention to yourself, right? Take care.

  2. Oh, I never heard of that story.. 😦

    Yes, po I’ll do that… Thanks! 😉

  3. Hi Bevs, the Snugmugs store isn’t in Manila. It’s in New Manila, which is in Quezon City 🙂 So it’s not really that far 🙂 Plus we have partner retailers like Fully Booked and Chocolate Clothing Company so you can buy from them too.

    Anyway, happy laptop bag shopping! 🙂

  4. @Snug team,

    thanks for informing me. 😉

    I also had you in my Multiply account and told me that you are willing to deliver too. 😀

    And that makes me happy.
    I’ll save first and when I have enough savings, then I will surely buy one. 🙂

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