Posted by: Bevs | August 10, 2008

Actor, comedian and exasperated dad Bernie Mac dies at 50

I was saddened by this news… 😦
I really had fun watching this guy on Charlie’s Angels, Transformers and Oceans Movies. 😦
Yes, actor, comedian Bernie Mac died last Saturday at the age of 50.

Bernie Mac blended style, authority and a touch of self-aware bluster to make audiences laugh as well as connect with him. For Mac, who died Saturday at age 50, it was a winning mix, delivering him from a poor childhood to stardom as a standup comedian, in films including the casino heist caper “Ocean’s Eleven” and his acclaimed sitcom “The Bernie Mac Show.”

Though his comedy drew on tough experiences as a black man, he had mainstream appeal — befitting inspiration he found in a wide range of humorists: Harpo Marx as well as Moms Mabley; squeaky-clean Red Skelton, but also the raw Redd Foxx.
Mac died Saturday morning of complications from pneumonia in a Chicago-area hospital, his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles.

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  1. I remembered his seeing him for the first time in the movie, “How to Be a Player.” He played a suspicious husband that claimed he smelled, “Bedussy.” I was laughing so hard, watching this. It’s truly sad when the funniest people on earth die so young. Rest in peace, Bernie.

  2. Yep hope he’ll rest in peace…

    thanks for dropping by kuya.. 😉

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