Posted by: Bevs | July 23, 2008

That’s the way it is

I am writing this post from my heart. I want to dedicate this to my friends who are facing their down fall. LOL! Seriously, this just popped to my mind a while a go while listening to a song. The song is in Tagalog, short, but meaningful. It’s actually a song from the band called Hale.

The song is all about somebody who loves, but never loved in return. OK, so in the song, it was referred to a guy. So this guy loves a girl, but then the girl doesn’t feel the same so she’s moving away from him.Though it’s not clear if she knew that the guy was in love to her, but for my own understanding she did.

Simple. Right? Very simple as it seems to those who never experienced this kind of situation. This will hurt more when your relationship to that someone is that deep. One most example, is loving a friend. Let’s say, what if you’re in love with a person who’s been your friend for a long time? How are you gonna deal with that? Will you have the courage to tell your friend that you’re in love with her? Will she stay or will she walk away?

Well, for some who never experience it might find it easy, but to those who already did found it confusing.

I can’t even imagine if it’ll happen to me. But if it will, I think I better keep it my self. This may sound foolish and/or selfish, but friendship is more important. Besides, Im a woman. I just don’t have the courage to say! 😦


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