Posted by: Bevs | July 11, 2008

Asia underground market awaits iPhone

HONG KONG – As Apple Inc. rolled out its newest iPhone in Asia on Friday, dealers and buyers said it’s only a matter of time — maybe as little as a few days — before the popular device hits the region’s thriving underground marketplace.

iPhones are nothing new to Asia, where enthusiasts from Bangkok to Shanghai already sport fake and unlocked models of the first generation, which was unveiled last year.

Now, electronics markets are preparing for an influx iPhones capable of 3G, or third-generation, cell phone technology after the official release in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong of the new Apple unit.

In the Chinese territory, ads pitching unlocked iPhones and services to unlock them were everywhere in a shopping mall with three floors of cell-phone stores.

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  1. They just released the newest version of iPhone here in the States. Too many software issues right now. I think I’ll wait till the price and those glitches get fixed. I’m happy texting away with my old Nokia. It’s difficult with the iPhone since there are no tactile buttons. I can text without even looking, heheh.

  2. Hi Dennis,

    My friend own one too and so far he loves it! 🙂 I tried to use it, but it’s just so hard/complicated for me, especially when texting!… 😀

    Same here, Nokia is much easier to handle..hehe
    the easiest, the better! 😀

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