Posted by: Bevs | June 23, 2008

My Experience on Typhoon Frank

June 21, 2008 is a memorable day not only for me but for my fellow Ilonggos.

I went out of the office 6:00 AM and was shocked to see the flood just outside the building. Me and my officemates were stranded. We only had two choices, to cross the flood and go the other way or to wait for a jeepney to pass us by. We were stranded. I already felt that the rain won’t stop anymore and the wind is getting stronger. We waited for 15 minutes, when a jeepney passed us.

When I arrived home, the wind got stronger. Since my dog stayed outside our house, I was so worried when I saw him wet and shaking and without food. I brought him inside my room and let him stay there (until now). But because I was so tired and sleepy (from work) I managed to sleep. It’s just 3 hours when I laid on my bed when I heard the strong wind clashing outside with rain pouring, so strong that I couldn’t sleep at all. So I went out side. To my surprise I saw the water getting higher. I felt so scared that it would get higher and higher. So I started picking up all the things to the higher grounds of our house to safety. I could hear the clashing of the waves few meters away from the house. Almost all of our neighbors houses were filled with water mostly knee-level. Luckily, ours had not. I guess it’s because our house is located on the higher part.

The typhoon slowed down by 2pm. Right then the flood begun to get low. But we’ll still scared of what will happen on the few hours. But then luckily, everything’s been ok.

Although there’s no electricity still, what is important is that we are safe, have enough water to drink and food, and shelter. My concern is to those who are on the areas where flash floods occurred.

Typhoon Frank hits the City early in the morning and killed more than a hundred people and hundreds more missing. I can’t really say that I’m happy because me and my family were safe, but I thought of the people who were on their rooftops waiting to be rescued and others who were drowned.

I hope this will not happen again. 😦



  1. glad you and you’re family are safe. i heard the news about the capsized ferry in philippines, over 700 feared missing. my fiancee and her family escaped harm last night when typhoon frank passed over ilocos norte. ingat lagi bev.

  2. hello dennis,

    Yes, I think we’re just lucky. I’ve been hearing stories here from my officemates and I really feel sorry for them.
    I hope your fiance and her family are ok..
    Ingat din.. 🙂

  3. That was the worst disaster so far in Iloilo. I have blogged about my experience as well.. hehehe. Good that you and your family are ok 🙂 .

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