Posted by: Bevs | June 18, 2008

Boston Celtics is the 2008 NBA Champion

Kevin Garnett Holding the Championship Trophy

I’ve been so vocal of supporting Boston Celtics over LA Lakers. From game 1 to 6, I never missed any game and even from the playoffs. I’m so happy that they won the Championship, waited for 22 years for another title and it’s their 17th.

I love the way they played on Game 6, they showed a very good defense and they have the best team work ever. Nobody in the team was selfish. šŸ™‚ They ended the game with a whooping 39 points! Kevin Garnett finished the game with 26 points, Ray Allen as well (of course) did a good job, also scored 26 and Paul Pierce who also the MVP had 17 points.

Congratulations to Boston Celtics, you really did a great job to win the title and goodluck to next season.

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  1. i was so depressed after watching this. i’ve been a fan of the Lakers since 1981 and thought this 2008 series with the Celtics was no rivalry. how could anyone think that the Lakers could even sweep, let alone compete with Boston? Kobe Bryant, the Laker Management and Coach Phil Jackson will need to re-tool their team for a better shot at the trophy. congrats to Boston.

  2. I agree with you dennis! šŸ˜‰

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