Posted by: Bevs | May 20, 2008

Love to sleep when it’s raining

It’s rainy season once again. The atmosphere is cold and the rain pour so loud. I know some people hate it when it’s raining and my friend hate it so badly. Well, not me.

Rain makes my sleeping great. I feel so relax hearing them pour. I guess, that’s the reason why this weekend, I sleep for hours…^_^

Oh how can I forget the song I used to sing when I was young:

Rain rain go away,

come again another day

Little Bev wants to play.



  1. I did not hear the rain for long time 🙂 We have some kind of sound-proof windows… but if it will rain during the summer, I will keep my window open even if it will rain at night 🙂
    But I like to illuminate candles during the rain 🙂 I maybe feel I have to balance the water with the fire 😀

  2. hi Susan.

    Try to listen to the rain. It’s that great. 😀
    I might try lighting candles too..Hmm I’m sure it’s more relaxing. 😉

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