Posted by: Bevs | May 16, 2008

Promises are made to be broken

I hate promises. I don’t promise much to the people around me. It’s just so disappointing when someone promised you and so sure he will do this, do that but in the end he won’t.

Promises like that happened to me in a countless times. Yes they bothered me, but can i do anything to change their mind? No. Big NO.

So what I do when someone lend his promise to me is?… I just let it fly. If he will remember his promise then that’s fine, however, if not then i’ll have nothing to do but *sigh*.

It’s hard…It’s heart-breaking when you really feel so excited but in the end all will come to nothing. And the promise will never gonna happen…ever..and you’ll just wait there in vain.

I just hope nobody will promise me anymore…Instead, just do the right thing, if you know you could.


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