Posted by: Bevs | May 15, 2008

My Boracay Getaway (Feb 9-11, 2008)

The very last time that I went to Boracay was when I was 15, now that I’m 23, after 8 years..I came back and see its beauty once more.

Me and my friends planned for this vacation for like months. Before we were thinking that 10 of us will go there, but since some things changed, only 6 of us pursued. Here’s our journey…

I was with my friends also officemates, namely Amy, Paul and Beth. Four of us left the city together because Joven and his GF Moppet went there a day ahead of us. It was Friday, 6 am when we decided to got out of the office so early and had our breakfast. I ate full to avoid stomach aches on the road. We have to travel for about 5 hours to get there anyway…

When we arrived on the bus terminal we decided to travel on van instead of bus. Thinking that we’ll arrive at the Kalibo earlier. But we waited for an hour! They said that they still need to get passengers and fill the van fully before going. So we waited…waited…waited…

We tried to got some sleep but still couldn’t, especially me.

-While waiting for the Van to go to Kalibo (our First stop).

Amy (hood), thats me in the middle and Beth (blue shirt)

-Amy (hood), thats me in the middle and Beth (blue shirt)

Finally, the engine started and we’re ready to go….

Some Views on our way to Kalibo:

I listened to my MP3 player just to entertain my self. I tried, really tried my self to sleep but couldn’t.

Finally, we arrived in Kalibo, but it’s already noon. When then again hopped on the next van and headed us to Caticlan. Caticlan is where the terminal of the Boat are to go to the Island. We traveled for an hour to get there. I was so hungry that time…

We then arrived on the terminal and had our tickets:

-Caticlan Terminal

-The tickets…

-on the boat..So excited

-Leaving the Terminal

During Lunch: MY friends Amy, Joven, Moppet, Beth and Paul

Eating my lunch…I was so hungry then… 😦


After eating our lunch we stroll around the beach and had some sitings… bikinis, body…hehe

My friends making fun with the art craft.

Not so many tourist that time. Some came out so late in the afternoon like 5 or even 6pm.

Tattoo time:


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