Posted by: Bevs | October 4, 2007

An Insult to Filipinos

I don’t watch “Desperate Housewives” and I’m not a fan either. I am familiar and aware that the show exists but I don’t really like to watch such show like that. I would rather watch CSI instead! 🙂


But last night as I watched one news program here in the Philippines, there I was disappointed of the news where on one episode of an award winning show “Desperate Housewives”, Teri Hatcher’s character role Susan said something that for me is a kind of an insult to my country and countrymen. In that episode, she said this exact line:

“OK, before we go any further, can I check these diplomas? Just to make sure they aren’t, like, from some med school in the Philippines?”.


That statement caused so many Filipinos to feel so much anger and disappointment. I bet to disagree to her statement because as I know, many of my countrymen strive hard to be the best in medical fields. Considering of the fact that many of our medical doctors and nurses are receiving positive praises from different countries including USA. I know that there are a lot of my countrymen posting over their blogs regarding this issue. I’m not surprise why even our Government officials wanted an apology to the ABC network and to the Producer of the show. And I guess, we deserve a sincere apology to us. 🙂


Well, as many of many viewers most of them are Filipinos and Filipino-Americans called the network and sent petitions to the Network, they indeed gave their statement.

ABC, owned by The Walt Disney Co., responded with a statement Wednesday. ABC said it was considering editing the episode.

“The producers of `Desperate Housewives’ and ABC Studios offer our sincere apologies for any offense caused by the brief reference in the season premiere. There was no intent to disparage the integrity of any aspect of the medical community in the Philippines,” the statement said.

“As leaders in broadcast diversity, we are committed to presenting sensitive and respectful images of all communities featured in our programs,” it concluded.

Here’s the controversial clip from the show:


Source: Yahoo News : ‘Housewives’ Filipino Joke draw ire



  1. Ah…common mainstream American humor. This happens all the time and the writers are thinking of laughs over people’s feelings. Try not to take it personally.

    I agree that it is in poor taste. I don’t watch TV if that’s any comfort. One of my martial arts teachers is a master of knife fighting from your country.

    I had dinner with him and his family last week and I love the food of the Philippines!!!!!

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll! It is an honor:)

  2. Hi there Bobby! 🙂

    I know that Americans love this kind of humor. I watch shows from the US too. But you know, Filipinos are not really used to that. We are a bit sensitive to that kind of issue. 😀

    Hey, you’re welcome! 😀
    thanks for the visit. 😉

  3. moral lesson dyan.. sana naging sensitive sila sa mga sinasabi nila.. lalo na credibility ang at stake dito..

  4. korek ka dyan Pete!

  5. Hi Bevs, I think you’re putting too much emphasis on nothing really.

    All nationalities have the ‘mickey’ taken at some point. We Brit’s suffer badly at the hands of the Aussies.

    It was obviously meant as light humour, and I think if you allow such comments to worry you, YOU will be the only loser.

    I’m certain that the vast majority of the world KNOW that your country-folk are hard-working and dedicated, as well as being beautiful people. (Inside and out). So I’d say ‘celibrate’ that, and don’t worry yourself with writers having a laugh.

    Your nationality just happened to drop into the mix that day, and I bet many of your people also laughed along.

    (Great blog by the way)


  6. Hey there Pete.
    Thanks for dropping by your comment.
    We are not really used o those kind of jokes. I’m sorry I have been emotional about that. I hope you’ll understand. But I don’t hate Americans huh or any Brits, Aussies, any race. 🙂

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