Posted by: Bevs | July 14, 2007

I Miss My High School Life!

Here’s a video of a song from Vitamin C that will always remind me of High School…

Can you imagine that? It’s been 7 years since I graduated High School and yes I really miss the fun, excitement, hang outs and many things about it. Not only that, I also miss my friends, whom I haven’t seen for a long time. Kharen, Anabelle and Josephine are three of those people that I miss. These three women really rock! I really feel comfortable when I’m with them. With them, I can do anything. They’ve been very supportive to me and I love them so much. Especially Kharen L. Oh how I miss this girl. She’s my one ever supportive and understanding friend. I miss her so much since she’s in Manila right now. Though she came home last December, but then a day with her was not enough. I can’t wait to see you soon Kha! 😀


High School- when I was in my Elementary and about to graduate, I told my mother that I’ll surely miss that six years and told her that I never felt happier on that years of spending. But she contradicted it and said High School is much happier. I was skeptical of course at first. I said to my self, ok let’s see…..

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  1. 1 month ago i got expelled from my school (11th grade) and now i miss high school 😦

  2. I hope you’ll do good next time. 🙂

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