Posted by: Bevs | July 11, 2007

Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky Kiss!

Here’s a video of cutie Zac Efron and his co-star Nikki Blonsky of movie Hairspray kissing… Zac is real hot, but this Nikki? Nevermind…. 😛



  1. wait till vanessa finds out…

  2. Oh yeah.. I wonder what was her reaction… ggeeezzzz

  3. that lucky girl:[
    hes a cutie

  4. I absolutely love this about Zac! Yeah so he is dating Vanessa but that kiss was great and the fact beacuse she wasn’t a little stick and beacuse i’m noteactly “skinny” I know there’s someone grewat out there for me just as good as him! But i’d much rather him! LOL! LOVE ZAC! LOVE NIKKI! LOVE IT!…

  5. ewww….i dont like to see stuff like that..stick with vanessa zac! haha

  6. I actually felt jealous of that Nikki.. Oh I wish I was her! 😦

  7. hey zac erfon and nikk all so cuite couple and zac erfon is so hot

  8. hiyahhh im soooooo jealous of Nikki i h8 er …not really haha Oh My God Zac is sooo hot do u think he really likes that Nikki ???? 😦 😦 X X

  9. what will vanessa say?? uh oh!!

  10. I can`t beleve he kissed her eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  11. Hey guys be cool.. I’m sure Vanessa understands that it’s because of their Movie and nothing personal is goin on.. Hopefully.. 😀

  12. zac is so sexy. and nikki is so FAT

  13. I glad to see that kiss becuase It gives “us” not so skinny people hope that some1 like zac will like you and I rather have zac and hopefully zac feels the same way as me and thinks it doesn’t matter what size you are you can get a hottie just like zac!

  14. stop being bitches to nikki, she is extremly talented and beautiful

  15. um sorry guys, but he is done with Vannessa and he is with Nikki… so get over it. He and Nikki make a great couple!

  16. Vannessa and Zac broke it off back in June, which is confirmed, and there are rumors going around that Nikki and Zac are a “thing” although it is not publicly announced as of yet.

  17. Wow..I cannot beleive the reactions to Nikki kissing Zack. Not so much because Zack is dating someone else but the comments on Nikki’s weight. Are you serious? Have you SEEN the movie? It’s amazing for one (and NO my main reason for saying that is NOT because Zack is “so sexy” it’s because it’s a quality film and this message is by no means directed to those who simply prefer zack and vannessa together over he and nikki) To blatantly bash someone for being fat and saying that he couldnt possibly or shouldnt date her for that reason is absurd – all you’re showing is how shallow you are as people. Your main reason for being with someone should not be based on the way that they look but what they bring to the figurative table. Personally I think she’s gorgeous and has a great voice – you guys should all see the movie (for something OTHER than because he’s “so hot”)and go for a good message and to be visualy and auditorily stimulated.

  18. I absolutely agree with Ashley and Livvie, Zac Efron gives us “Big Girls” hope that we will someday find a guy that’s just as HHHOOOTTT as him, if not Hotter or Zac Efron himself (hehehe), who thinks we look GREAT no matter what our body shape or size. Here he is the Hottest guy in Hollywood and he likes “Big Girls”, he really does(He says, “I actually go for girls like her (Blonsky) in real life. I like girls that are happy and healthy.”). What other Hollywood Hottie have you heard say that?

  19. I just WISh that Nikki was me, Rikki!!!! But, hey, who doesn’t?

  20. Hey. I for one was not a fan of Zac until I saw Hairspray. He was great in it. I also thought Nikki was amazing. I was reading these comments of people who are supposedly Zac fans and realize that most of you really aren’t. For one, it’s a fact that Zac and that Vanessa girl are NOT together anymore! I don’t know how some of you can still insist they’re together! To me, it doesn’t matter, but it’s a fact. If you all were fans you would support Zac in everything he does, not just things that you personally want to happen. Secondly, some of the comments that you fans wrote about Nikki were absolutely appalling and hateful. Nikki is a beautiful girl inside and out. If that’s the way you girls think, I’m asbolutely certain that Zac would not like to call you his fans. You girls are just mean and superficial. I can guarantee you that Zac isn’t that type of person and likes a girl for who she is, not her weight. If Nikki and Zac are a couple, then good for both of them. They both deserve each other because they both seem like genuinely great people. If you’re a fan, stop living in this fantasy world that Zac is still with Vanessa. Do you even know her personally? If they split, then you should support that, and not be some freaky fans that desperately want to see them together. And for the fans who left nice comments about Nikki, good for you! You’re the true fans.

  21. zac is soooo sexxxiii !!! and im soo happy that hes goin out with nicky cuz it shows that he cares about whats on the inside and it gives the other girls who arent what we call a “toothpick” a chance………….

  22. I’m not being rude or anything but Livvie wot have u got against skinny people. So wot if we are skinny, we dont all thing that because we are skinny we can get any boy.So Livvie u just have to thing before u say stuff because wot u just sed ain’t true because i dont thing like that and probaly thousands of other skinny girls dont thing like that.

  23. I think Nikki and Zac look cute together and it shouldn’t matter what size you are to be with someone like him. Nikki is amazing and so is Zac so they’re perfect for eachother. I love you guys!! Wish i was nikki tho.

  24. omg shut up he is in love with vanessa hudgens!!! have you not seen the hawaii pics???

  25. Hey guys, k, just because Zac plays in a movie with Vanessa, Britney, or Nikki does not mean he likes her, if you haven’t noticed Zac sorta dates whichever girl is in the most recent popular movie, Zac and Nikki may have a thing or they may not same with Vanessa but just cause he plays in a movie with them and kisses them doesnt mean he likes them, thats his job, to ACT like he likes them thats why he’s called an ACTOR.


    I was going to go but……I had to go to Florida then it was pretty depressing lol but I heard after he kissed Nikki he was like “uh-oh im gonna be in trouble”

    Jess xox

  27. i think that nicky is a talented girl and i dont believe anyone should have anything to say about her weight she is still beautiful and if zac loves that about her than he is a good guy i hate those guys that are all about there girl being a stick figure im not saying nothing bad about vanessa she is also a talented beautiful girl but i just think its wrong to compare the two.

  28. ya i know he my of kissed her was because well see they said who he would date cant blame him that he would date her but on the other hand he has a girlfreaind

  29. You know wat u ppl shouldn’t been saying bad things about nikki!! see is a very pretty and talented girl!! u know i am like the same as nikki the weight the looks but that doesn’t keep me away from doing anything!! i would love for zac to love me but i am not famous or anything!But idk if vanessa and zac broke up but i don’t know if they did!! if nikki and zac r going out good for them!! i would love to see them go out!!!thank u, miranda

  30. OMG! Zac and Nikki make a cute couple.But I feel really bad when Vanesssa finds out.UH-OH!

  31. I think V and Zac broke up.
    Anyway, why care???

    Love yall Naz!

  32. Wow he looks hot wen hez kissing ! 😀
    Id kiss him any day :p

    Ha he wiped his mouth straught after

  33. zac u should really stick with vanessa

  34. zac and vanessa are still together..
    its kind of obvious they practically do almost everythink together plus did you here what vanessa said in her interveiw with KIIS it kinda proves there still going out x

  35. I’m so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU NIKKI FOREVER YOU ARE VERY SEXY AND YOUR KISSING IS PERFECT !!I don’t like any more vanessa!it’s old history she and me!You are so much beautiful Nikki I want to kiss you like crasy!!!
    I want of you Nikki

  36. Nikki is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FAT!!!!!! And ugly I’m sooooo mad for what Zac did ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im very mad!

  37. I like Nikki … she is sooo cute

  38. & notice how he WIPES HIS MOUTH afterward… HAHAHAHAHAH

  39. wow, leslie you are really superficial you don’t even know nikki and you’re shooting her down for how she looks. i hope people who think like you get hit by karma, it really is a bitch.

  40. omg i really think that they look cute together!! zac says that shes understands him more than anyone else and that he doesnt care that shes a little big. he says he looks on the inside. i think that shows that zac is not someone who just dates people becuz they’re hott. he looks on the inside of people and i think thats a really good trait.

  41. notice that he wipes his mouth after they kiss we kno that vanessa and him are meant to be

  42. I really can’t believe that some of you are so shallow and mean as to call a person you don’t even know ”fat” and ”ugly”. Nikki is a beautiful girl and insanely talented. And why should it matter to us who Zac dates? I mean if he is happy with whom he choses to spend his time with then we, as his fans, should be happy to. I think that Nikki and Zac make a cuet couple, have awesome chemistry in the movie and in the interviews I have seen they seem to still have it. Yay for Nikki and yay for Zac being man enough to love a woman for who she is not her popularity or how she looks!

  43. well he did wipe the kiss of his lips or it could be just the lip gloss who knows???

  44. u should have stuck with ashley tisdale

  45. oi oi u silly person hu added dis video yh y broadcast it zac must b so embarrassed to b kissing her on tv lol did u see da waii e was kissing here like e was eating mud hehe lol xx

  46. I totally agree with carla did you people just go see hairspray for zac or dod you skinny bitches actually learn anything or at least get the messege of the movie??? nikki is soo talented and soo what is she has weight on her she is in A MOVIE KISSING ZAC which is better than any of you will ever do !!!!

  47. i like the part where you all freak out because he wiped the kiss off..

    if you actually watch the video, he points to his mouth and says “how’s this color?” referring to nikki’s lip gloss.

    it’s all just publicity. who really cares who he’s with anyway? obviously it’s not you, nor will it ever be you..

  48. Oh my

  49. I am shocked i didn’t even know that azc and vanessa split oh well it’s nice to know he doesn’t just go for skinny girls that is very cute they looki great together

  50. OMG! why doesnt nobody believe that nikki and zac are going out they make a great couple.and and zac and vanessa broke up in june and he got together with nikki in august

  51. I think Zac and Nikki would make a cute couple! Sure Nikki isn’t the thinest person but that just shows that Zacs not like a lot of people and see’s the ture beauty!!!!!!!!

  52. Why do you guys assume that Zac is in a relationship? What if he’s not dating Vanessa OR Nikki? Zac thinks of Nikki as a sister not a girlfriend. It was probably awkward for him, but kind of a brotherly, sisterly kiss? It was the pressure from the fans that made them do it. Its really cute that Zac doesnt mind going out with people like Nikki though. I mean, knowing that Zac dates people beautiful in the INSIDE and not the outside really boosts peoples self esteem.I actually think that Nikki is reallllly beautiful and she has a lot of talent.

  53. im kinda gutted that there going out because i have a huge crush on nikki but well done to zac anyway nice one 🙂

  54. shes tooo tooo tooo ugly and over 8888888880000000000000pounds

    hes made a huge mistake

  55. Zac efron did break up with vanessa hudgens, and apparently it was announced on e news live , im qiute happy 4 them ,but it seemed very fast dat they started goin out . . . . .

  56. Zac and Vanessa are a big hit especially since they make such a good love tandem on HSM. I’m dissapointed Zac would kiss Nikki, not because she has a little extra weight on her but because you just don’t go kissing people especially when you don’t exactly know eachother very well. Im a Zanessa die hard fan but I can’t do anything about it. If they really are broken up, i can’t do anything about it. I am not happy about Zac and Nikki, neither am I happy that Zac and Vanessa broke up. It will be great if Zanessa were back together. Sorry Nikki. I’m just not into the whole Zac and you thing. Sorry.

  57. can i just say that i have got zac,and ashley’s msn address and he says that him and vanessa broke up in june then he went with nikki in august for 2week then he went out with vanessa again until yestoday and now he is going out with ashley tisdale!
    now u know stop going on about it :)ok

  58. Eww! he was eating her face! but he had, so they cant be dating! Zanessa is so cute!

  59. what a freaking disgrace!!!!!! ewww i would be afraid to kiss him again if i were vanessa hudgens. ewwwww

    she is such a homewecker!!!!

    vanessa & zac forever

  60. zac efron is now dating nikki..its in like the peoples magazine and dont start lieing baout ooo I have their msn..surrreee u do

  61. O…M…G will u people just get over it so who cares is he likes nikki or vannessa it doesent matter i mean as long as he dont date my lil sis i dant really care and people really shouldnt either i say whoever he dates is none of our buissenss so just stop being so harsh on nikki and stop felling so sorry for vannessa she know that zac and nikki arent dating so she knows she gets to have him but even uf she doesnt who gives

  62. Go Nikki is what i say! and he kissed her because of the program, that doesnt automatically mean hes cheatng on Vanessa (if hes still even with her, ive heard hes not) so get over it lol! Hes a grown man, free to make his own desisions so he can do what he likes lol. And vanessa probs found out bout this before any of u even did! and i doubt she thought much of it.

    And Nikki is way gorge and so talented, i would love to be her! shes like my idol! Hairspray is such a good film aswell, hearing Zac efron sing lines like ” I love you no matter what you weigh” gives alot of people hope that no matter who you are someone out there loves you for you.

    So yeah rant over. 🙂


  64. some of these replies really are plain mean!

    if you see hairspray you’ll see its an amazing movie, with a great storyline and the characters fit together really well,

    zac and nikki were a cute couple in the film, and they would be just the same in real life, if they do go out or not – it could have just been a friendly kiss for the camera, i mean look at all the speculation and publicity its caused.

    so quit being bitchy, you’re obviously all plainly jealous because zac doesn’t know you exsist.

  65. it is so not true….. zanessa is together….

  66. Okay I seriosuly think they do have something made1 I think they should hook up more then vanessa! Know that would be like really big news because you know how shes a little chubby and clebrities who are guys usually date small skinny girls well that would make like top of the head line! “Just in Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron datin!”

  67. moi je trouve que tout ce que vous dites a propos de tracy c’est degueulasse peut etre qu’elle est grosse mais elle a plus de succces que nous toutes réunis

    moi aussi je suis amoureuse de zac et j’ai bien vu que ca l’emmerdais de l’embrasser…..:d

  68. That was oddly hot.

  69. i like nikki. she seems so sweet. i think zac is sweet too but im kinda scared that he might get a bit big headed because every teen girl LOVES him… but for now i like them both, but i think zanessa is still on! which i dont like! eww vanessa’s laugh. it kills me.

  70. hey you guys
    actually I think its time for you to be a bit “open minded” don´t you think? so waht if nikki´s weight is more than vanessas??
    if he loves her, good for him they should be supported cause nikki really is so great! she´s so talented and beautiful on the insine AND on the outside!!! (and i´m skinny too, for that matters to you people, meaning i´m not saying this because it gives me hope or sth)
    so just stop being so bitchy about her, damn it LEAVE THEM BE!!!

  71. I’m so jealous 😦

    UR #1 FAN,

  73. Wow! When I read the articles about Zac and Nikki, they all said how he dumped Vanessa in June and how he’s going out with Nikki. I think it’s great. A source says that Zac is so happy to be going out with Nikki and doesn’t mind the extra pounds and I think it’s great! He cares about what’s on the inside. Oh and also there was something about how Zac and Nessa were always fighting because of their popularity issue but that Nikki totally understands. They are really are a good couple together. In fact, Nikki is VERY pretty! And she’s not ashamed of how she looks so I don’t think anyone else should be. Well done to Zac to show that it doesn’t always have to be the big boobed skinny bitches that are hot. (Zac is hot though ain’t he? Wish all guys were like that. Bloody jerks!)

  74. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZAC I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any zac lookalikes out tere??? come to me!! hehe xdanniex

  75. Ingles:zac you are a donkey, but better for my now if I can be with Vanessa =) I am happy I can be with Vanessa and now be with her =D
    Español:zac sos un burro, pero mejor para mi ahora si puedo estar con Vanessa =) estoy feliz ahora puedo estar con Vanessa y estar con ella =D

  76. the people that are saying mean things about nikki, just STOP, please!!!! she is beautiful inside and out. and sorry for you people that still think “zanessa” is together, well, um sorry, but i don’t think it’s true. nikki has a way better personality and she is so much prettier and nicer than vanessa. zac has said in way more articles than i can count that it doesn’t matter to him what a girl weighs, what matters is her personality and that she’s confident in herself no matter what. Nikki SO is!!!!! she is definitely my idol, and I’m really happy that Zac likes her. but even if they aren’t going out, I don’t think Zanessa is getting along very well and I don’t really think that they will be together much longer. besides, hairspray is a better movie than high school musical. I LOVE NIKKI AND ZAC!!!!!

  77. hahahah nikki’s like “YEAH FOR ME!”
    I dont blame ya ;]

  78. He’s a jerk in my opinion, he should’ve had the inegrity to not kiss someone other than Vanessa. It doesn’t matter how much “on the spot” they place him he should respect Vanessa. I think he’s the one that pushed her to taking those nude pictures b.c he very much has that wandering eye..and now a wandering tongue as well. He’s no good for Vanessa.
    Ahh either way he’s still good looking.

  79. Oh yea and if Nikki was so nice as people think, she wouldn’t push for a kiss with a guy who’s taken…even if it is just to entertain her fans. Nikki has SOME “pretty” in her and most of it is probably just her make up. I’m not so sure about her personality, she lacks dignity as well as Zac. They just don’t have any respect for anyone.

  80. i love you zac efron

  81. People who are saying mean things about Nikki, just STOP already! She is really beautiful and talented, and she didn’t force the kiss at all! The host did! They both just agreed. He also said they “have a thing”…I don’t think that means he’s with Vanessa anymore. I heard that: 1. Zac and Vanessa fought a lot because of Zac’s popularity and his fans, but Nikki totally understands. 2. In a video interview with Rove Live in Australia, Zac and Nikki were asked if there was tongue action in their onscreen kiss, and Zac automatically said yes, and they sometimes forgot they were filming and got carried away (I don’t think Zac’s the type of guy who would say something like that if he already had a girlfriend). 3. Nikki has said that Zac is beautiful inside and out, and he was her favorite person to work with on Hairspray. 4. Zac said in a J-14 magazine article, ” I like my women like I likes my peanut butter…chunky!” and used Nikki as an example of how a girls’ personality is really what matters. 5. They have been seen holding hands and hugging at recent Hairspray premieres, and when they appeared on Italy’s TRL, they were holding hands and Zac helped Nikki up to the stage (very sweet!). 6. Whenever they have interviews together, they can never stop talking about how nice, cool and cute the other one is. Even in seperate interviews they are quick to mention each other and how much fun they hade. So overall, please stop being so mean to her! Zac only wiped his mouth after this kiss because he had Nikki’s lip gloss all over his face, not because he didn’t enjoy the kiss! If Zac and Nikki are in love, then they are in love, alright? Vanessa is beautiful on the outside, but on the inside no one can compare to Nikki. So if all of you super skinny, perfect girls out there don’t understand how I feel about this, then you probably never will. But even though Nikki and I aren’t the skinniest girls ever, we can still be beautiful and confident and love ourselves they way we are. Quoting Queen Latifah in the song “Big Blonde and Beautiful”: “Who wants a twig when you can have the whole tree?”

  82. The only reason why Zac would want to go out with nikki is coz he’s too tired of seeing perfection when he looks in the mirror so he just wants to see something ugly for a change. I also think that the only reason why people don’t like Hudgens is because she won Zac fair and square and it was no publicity stunt liek with Ash Tisdale and Nikki W.e. Now like I said before Zac is the only jerk who didn’t know how to respect the girl who was truly worth it. And oh yea that tree/twig remark…that goes to show just how much you value inner beauty.

  83. I’ve also read and heard in many places that Zanessa isn’t over yet. They both have commitment rings and even though their relationship wasn’t doing so well, it’s doing fine now.

  84. i think that nikki could do sooooo much better even though she ugly cuz zac has moved from girl to girl in like 10 seconds

  85. Yeah right, <
    I’ve read and heard in many places that Zanessa IS over! Yeah the twig/leaf thing…IT SHOULDN’T ALL BE ABOUT BEING SKINNY AND PERFECT!!! If you’re big, SO WHAT? You can still be great, just like Nikki! I think it’s awful you say she’s ugly!! And you don’t believe Zac and Vanessa are OVER? Check out these:
    There ARE more Zikki fans out there!
    They are SO IN LOVE, this proves it! And the bold words on the bottom of the “because” section, those were mine! Make sure too look at the other threads, too, scroll to the bottom. bet you didn’t know about that!

    He told her she looked beautiful!!!
    Also, go to YouTube and type in: Zac and Nikki interview. Click on the second one and watch the whole thing. You definitely won’t have doubts anymore!!!

  86. Yea Zanessa is over but it’s only b.c Vanessa broke up with Zac. I think that was the smartest thing she ever did. Nikki fan you seem to like her only because you can relate to her with your weight problem. Not everyone is perfect and I am sure Nikki has some good things about her but that doesn’t mean Vanessa doesn’t have any good qualities. Nikki fan, the fact that you are so bias towatds Vanessa looks like you haven’t picked up on any of the noble qualities Nikki possesses in your opinion. If she’s such a role model, what have you learned from her other than acceptance of yourself because if it’s just that you are just a very selfish person

  87. Nikki is soo ugly and fat she compared to vanessa is poo i can’t wait to see vanessa’s reaction

    and nikki and zac don’t have a thing because zac said to vanessa that he doesn’t like fat girls that’s why the scandal happened

    nikki is so fat that zac will never like . he just said he liked her because he’s trying to be nice

  88. Zac and Vanessa are still going together. Nikki and Zac friends but they said that they are gonna keep it between them. They said that when they was getting interviewed in Toronto before the Premiere of Hairspray

  89. omg all u fukin jealous bitches about nikki kissing zac and her weight thats is just soo sad i feel sorry for u gurls i think that all of uz ar very very unhappy in ther lifes so they go an tease sum1 thast is just so loww and whoo cares if zac kissed her and i hope that zac makes tha right choise and bes with her bcuz ther cute togetha and there really close and even if zac is still with vanessa he doesnt look at her tha way he looks at nikki THERES JUST CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THEM AND ITS IS VERY CUTE

  90. i think zak and nikki make a cute copul and for those people who left nasty commetns about nikki are so rong and it doesnt matter what shape or size you are coz ur still beutifal.i think nikki is beutifal and has great talent and for those who watched the film and actually got the messege good for you there should be more hot guys like zak that dont care about the weight . nikki youve got a great guy and ya beutifal……xxx

  91. yuck gosh thats sick

  92. You noe what would be lol is vanessa walked in there and yelled oh no u dint bich get away from my man and what would be really funny if she took of her shoe and be nikky then zac hahahhaha

  93. i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch zac!love katie


  95. i am mad at u for liking vanessa but thats ok u can like who evere u want to

  96. Firstly, “brunette” learn to write properly. I was getting lost in you ebonics gibberish garbage. Nikki is an idiot and so are the girls who oh so passionately defend her fat homewrecking behind. Zac must’ve said she was fat and ugly to justify his actions to Vanessa and b.c that’s what he really thinks…that’s actually what everyone in their right minds think. No one is jealous of Zac and Nikki, people are just concerned with whether or not Vanessa is okay with Zac, the guy has a different girl like every month and it just doesn’t seem right that Vanessa has to stand by for all of this.

  97. OMG!!! i’d rather stick with zanessa not zac and nikki nikki is a fugly b**** she is like getting zac away from nessa!!! i hope no fight went on with zac and nessa after this!!! i hope! no matter wat all the people say about vanessa i really suport her!!! since the 1 hsm!

  98. Here’s a video of cutie Zac Efron and his co-star Nikki Blonsky of movie Hairspray kissing… Zac is real hot, but this Nikki? Nevermind….

    Yeah rigt I think Nikki is hot and she and zac look good as a couple.

    Zakki forever

  99. That looked like a bad kiss hahah..
    Nikki and Zac are cute together, but i think he should have stuck together its sad how vanessa and zac broke up and its going to be difficult to go HSM3 oh well nothing lasts forever

  100. Well, it’s still Vanessa and Zac. So probably, Nikki and Zac are just friends… 🙂

  101. OK, girls … did you ever believe he was dating Nikki because they kissed on MOD? the interviewer asked if they’d redo the movie kiss, so they did. It was for TV, it was for fun. Really. He looks hot, though *winks*

  102. Cute. I really like Nikki. Zac (Zack? LOL, I forgot how to spell his name -_- ) is pretty cool too.


  103. ewwww!!! nikki is so fat!! i hate her..
    she even wanna kiss zac? zac is perfect for vanessa or ashley.nikki and zac so…i dunno ew!!


  104. Zac Is So Hot!!!
    I Wish I can have his Msn

  105. hey i think baby v is right but only in the part that she say that zac looks better being with ashley bacause he cant go with vanessa! her remember about the naked picture that V sent accidentally to Drake ( her past boyfriend) zac will definitly looks good with ashley or with moi (me) !!!! =)

  106. I think he and Nikki are perfect!! All u Nikki haters, shut the hell up!! Stop talking shit about her!! U have no right to do that!! Nikki is a great person in my opinion!! She is a true role model with some common sense, unlike Vanessa!! I think Nikki should take Zac while she has the chance!!!

  107. I agree with Nikki’s #1 fan!! She is beautiful on the inside and the out!! Vanessa may he a size 2 body, but she really can’t be a role model if all she is gonna do is pose nude all over the place!! Nikki is really the 1 who deserves Zac because she deserves a great guy!

  108. i cant believe it that zac and nikki had a very nice kiss but there claims to be best frieds nikki says where are just a big hairpray family but in a magazine there a writing in big letters that they are dating and make out en do stuff like normale kopples do

    a fan

  109. I really don’t think they are in a relationship because Zac is still wearing his “commitment” ring. Though I really do think that the ring is a trap for him, it proves that they are still together! I really think he likes Nikki though!! If any of u saw that Japan interview, they really couldn’t be more closer sitting on that couch together and he will find any excuse to touch her in some way in every interview!! U can tell he really cares about her and he soooo happy when he is with her!!

  110. i think nikki is sweet and not heavy she is a human just like the rest of us. it doesn’t matter what you look like cause i know zac in person and he says it doesn’t matter what you look like it matter what you like about them and how you fell about them

  111. i do agree with you Mandi he is really happy but i know he lovs her with all his heart. if he could chose any one he told me its between Vanessa Hudgens,Brittany snow, Nikki Blonsky.

  112. in hsm3 may not have Vanessa in it because of her nude pics they may have one of the cheeta girls

  113. Vanessa Hhudgens and Zac Erfon is way more better than Niki Blonsky!!!! OK! It dosen’t seen right when Niki and Zac is KISSING!!!!!!!!!

  114. I know Taylor, he luvs her sooo much! Though I can’t imagine why!! Anyway, I just have this feeling that if he continues with her, he’s gonna get hurt!! I am also really sick of people saying that Zac wouldn’t go to Nikki because she is fat!! For starters, she is sooo beautiful inside and out! It’s the personality that matters and I think he knows that 2!!

  115. The kiss was sexy but I think he is in love with Vanessa Hudgens. I love Nikki and she was great in Hairspray and I think Zac truly appericates her as a friend. I also believe he sees likes girls for what he sees in them on the inside, but you can’t help it who you fall in love with.


  117. awwww i think nikki and zac look so cute together …nikki is so beautful and all u girls that call her fat she isnt u r all jealous cus she kissed him and u didnt so get ova urself and dnt pick on her cus she is so awsum and so wat if they are goin out zac said that looks arent everything..zac and nikki shud be together because that would be realli awsum i am a bit overweight myself and ever since i saw nikki in hairspray i have more confindence in myself . and if u were realli his fans u wouldnt sas him about who he dates u would support him and so wat if they go out they like eachother so get ova it!!!and i hope thay do go out..nikki ur so awsum and pretti and i hope that u do go out with zac!!!ZAC AND NIKKI EVA ❤ and btw zac is so sxc!!!!!

  118. All you stupid fangirls who decide to bash Nikki just because she kissed Zac need a freaking LIFE. If you’re going to resort to using the way she looks as a reason he shouldn’t date her, you’re just all dumbasses.

    Sad, SAD dumbasses. Face it, you’re all just fangirls with no lives.


  119. Lucky Her ! 🙂

  120. i believe that the infernal brain is supposed to believe in what it wants, but also to believe the truth. therefore i can’t tell you to believe in this news but i also can’t tell you to believe heart. so I’m just going to say what i think. i think that Niki whatsherface is a talented girl who’s beautiful(just like me). and so is Vanessa. Niki seems to be a person with a strong character, but also perhaps a mean one. Vanessa is talented beyond wits. but she did have her little slip up but she apologized to everyone she upset so i would conclude that i believe that zac efron would be lucky with either girls. and as for all you people out there that are mean and hartless, i hope you have learned from my fantastic speech.

  121. i wish i could met zac efron he is the hottest guy in holly wood him and nikki look so good 2gether i wish i could KISS HIM but he does like big gurls that the good thing i think but ye i wish i could met him I LOVE YOU ZAC!!!

  122. oh wow theyre so cute 🙂 im soo jealous of nikki though, shes talented and pretty and gets the guy . you go nikki!! 🙂 hahaha

  123. umm like every one out there who dont like nikki ok thts cool but at the end of the day zac doesnt base who he goes out with by what u lot say.
    he goes out with people he likes regardless of their size/shape if he wants to be with nikki gd for him all i can say is
    lucky nikki
    go get ’em hun
    we’re all rooting for you!

  124. I love nikki! She is so cool! Zac is pretty good lookin to. but i think that venessa and zac were good together for a while, but v. is kinda weird sumtimes, and scary pretty, i think nikki and zac r beter together!

  125. you guys suck he hates vanessa and loves nikki

  126. I am laughing at just about everyone of you. Do you guys ever get off of the computer and come out of your houses to see daylight. Jeeze you sound like over obsessed superfans who will never meet him anyway. It’s time to face reality ladies, get out and get a real relationship. Even though you think you have a relationship with Zac the true relationship is with your computer. Maybe not all of you agree but if you have a problem with what I have expressed feel free to e-mail me at Adios, Mandi

  127. I agree!! V is acting so slutly lately because she thinks she can get away with it. Nikki knows how to be a true role model.

  128. ok, those of you freaks who are critisizing each other and nikki or zac, you all need to get over yourselfs. if you are a real fan [which from these comments, doesn’t look like you are] then you will support zac with whatever he does. stop tearing people down for what they look like! have you ever even seen the movie? WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!! [no, not just because zac is in it, but because of the message and everything that happens, it is almost exactly like real life, just based in a diff. time period]….. nikki is very mature in the business for the short while she has been in it. vanessa , well, im not gonna tear her down. but with the scandal that happened last year, i wouldn’t say she was the best role model, and if she truly wants to be somthing mature and good in the business, then she needs to fix what happened in some way. [if thats possible] this shouldn’t even matter though. this is their personal life, not ours, how would you like it if you had all these rumors and lies told about you. of what if your personal life got leaked out to the world. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?!?!?! i sure would hate it. just give the dude and her a break. they will let you know whats going on when they want to and if they want to!!! Leave them alone, and stop dissing people for what they look like, it is whats on the inside that counts, we were all made differently and beautifully and that is never going to change, what people look like is all based on opinion. we are all beautiful in some way or another. LAY OFF PLEASE!!!

  129. get a life please

  130. we hate this i want zanennesa to go back out becuz i like them better

  131. yea go get a life nikki suck a** and we dont like her stupid whore

  132. sorry guyes butif he likes her then hes a good guy hes famous and he chose some one not a stick so he carries about whats inn the in site so im glad for him

  133. he sees whats important you don’t have to be a skinnytwig to get a hot boy shes luky hes a good person

    i wish i could find a boy like that no im not fat, boys just try to take advantidge out of a 14 year old

  134. my name ant anibell

  135. I think I heard that he only kissed her cuz of a dare. Who would want to kiss a (no offense) unattractive girl unless like a guy really liked her. No offense, but zac has better options

  136. you know what. im sick of seeing people bash nikki. she is beautiful and very talented. she is also lucky she got to spend that time and get to know zac you girls that bash her are just jelouse because she got that chance. yes zac is hot but hes like any other person. hes got feeling and thoughts and all that stuff too. hes not like all the hollywood guys. i wish i had that chance to get to know him. but you dont see me bashing that poor girl. if anything i think its awsome he likes her. hes a very sweet guy from what i see and thats what made me like him even more. and i hope one day i can meet him. but you guys seriously should stop obsessing over the fact that nikki is a larger girl so what. shes beautiful. get over it and grow up we are all people. so whoever thinks its wrong is wrong. keep it to urself. no1 wants to hear your rude comments. i hate it we all hate it. people should only be sending good comments. because they are both great people. so mean people shut it! Go zac! GO nikki! you guys deserve everything good that you get =]

  137. there’s notin wrong with nikki but u and vanessa look so cute together i think u should stick with v!!!

  138. ya know Annonymus on has a point!! so wat the girl’s got a bit extra pounds!! nobody is perfect! i think nikki is a lucky gal and u all r just jealous!! but ya know i so want to meet corbin bleu!^^

  139. ma figuriamoci se lui ama quella la fatto solo x la sua rputazione

  140. i agree too!!!!! V is acting sooo slutly lately becaues she think she’s honest and cute but inside her, she is a laire and jealous. V you should stay the hell away with zac. becaues NIKKI is not jealous like V, also she’s honest, beautiful and good kisser. zac i love very much and nikki.

  141. Okay..
    You don’t know if him and Vanessa were even dating!
    Okay…that’s what the rumor was…but I watched a video and someone came up to Zac and said that the rumor is that him and Vanessa are dating and Zac said..that’s the rumor? That’s CRAZY!
    You guys are soo immature…well most of them.
    It doesn’t matter what she looks like, I think she is a very pretty girl.
    You guys need to get a grip.
    Zac likes her for her inner’s not all about the looks.
    I think they would be a great couple! 🙂
    I am a huge fan of Nikki and Zac.

  142. ı think vanessa and zac make a cute couple.nikki is so huge and not beautiful.if zac is dating with nikki he is making the biggest mistake he ever did.

  143. i think it is really cute that zac kissed nikki because shes not a little stick bug like a lot of girls and he dont care either and she is fine about her weight which is awesome cause she dont care what people think..and any one who runs someone else down shows that that they should be looking at their self before they judge people for who they are or what they look like..and she is pretty and he is hott..and anyone who talks bad about any one like her shows that they are juss jelous..i really think they would make a cute couple.

  144. it’s normal the actors know how to do things like that .. you know in the movies when an actor kiss another that doesn’t means that they like each other for real..

  145. Did anyone notice that when he goes to kiss her, he calls her by her character’s name? He says, “Let’s do it Tracy, c’mon baby.”



  148. GOOD KISS



  151. Okay I nknow that we used to be married (LOL!!!!) BUT SERIOUSLY Vanessa was way better than Nikki beides Nikki ain’t cute hun. FYI she way FAAATTTTT and she obvoiusly doesn’t excersize! You honestly are ruining your future BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. people. men and women, can be beautiful and attractive in diffrent ways. zac is visually appealing, granted. but from the way he presents himself, he also seems quite intelligent and fun aswell. i was never a fan till i saw hairspray.
    now as for fat people being ugly and thin people being ok. as i said before, there are difrent types of beauty. nikki personifys a type i see in many other stars such as cynthia nixon, winona rider ect. its an unconventional beauty, just as appealing as other kinds. the trouble is, your all brain washed by the media to believe that beauty comes in the tinnyest form possible. why should it? its in the eye of the beholder. and its very versitile. yeah ok, if it was a big girl chowing down on a k.f.c on screen, that would do her no favours for image. but nikki is nothing but classy, sexy and stunnning on or off screen. seriously guys, you all need to take a dam good look at things properly, and when you think about someone who you believe is beautiful, ask yourself, who says?

  153. I am one of Vanessa’s and Zac’s Best Friends and she knows that he olny did it for the movie! Vanessa Hudgens and Zac are going out and Nikki Blondeski is just a really good friend! So get off zac’s back and go find someone else to insult….because zac and nessa are going out and are really happy together.

  154. Oi Ashley- if you’re Ashley Tisdale then I must be Miley Cyrus.


  156. in case ya’ll didn’t know…zac and vanessa broke up a while ago and he’s with nikki. which is awesome because i HATE vanessa. nikki is so pretty and talented. nikki and zac forever!!!!


  158. omg wish they were datin and they made a second hairspray

    plz try cause hairsprays amazin so try to keep it goin by makin more dvds cause cant stop watchin it xx

  159. I saw Zac wipe his lips. Im glad she didnt see or else she would have been hertbroken. That was kinda mean of him.

  160. Zac is the God of Lust and I want his sex! LOL!
    He’s also such a wonderful soul ^_^

    And lay off Nikki…
    For those who are calling her fat & ugly,
    You’re all just plain jealous and critical.
    She is a gorgeous girl and very talented!
    What is so ugly about being fat anyways?
    Who the hell decided “FAT” is ugly?
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

    Don’t you realize how wonderful it is, that someone so ideal and wanted, is showing us that it’s wrong to be so shallow. He is also showing us that not all men are pig headed assholes, and it doesn’t matter how you look.

  161. I can’t belive it that zac is kissing to nicki
    Zac I have a crush on u duh!!


    Melanie is freaking out

  163. most akward kiss ive everrr seeen!

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