Posted by: Bevs | June 1, 2007

Very Special Love

Very Special Love- Well, I used to hum with this song months ago. I knew that this is a classic one, originally sang by Maureen Mcgovern  and later was revived by a Filipina Miss Lani Misalucha.

Ok, so here’s my point, I really like this song.I don’t hum at all ’cause now I’m singing it! Haha  It makes me “kilig” everytime I hear it on the radio. I even downloaded it to my mp3 player so that I’ll listen to it over and over again when I want to. I don’t know why, but I the song feels so good to me… 😀

Anyway, I have here the lyrics of that song here and the video of Lani Misalucha’s version. What do you think? I would love to hear it from you! 😀

I never believed in love
I was deceived by love, I never had much
luck with lovers before
I could’nt complete, I seem just part of the
street to be walked on by everyone but then

I found a very special love in you,
Its a feeling that’s so totally new
Over and over its burning inside
I found a very special love in you, and it almost breaks me in two
Squeezin’ me tighter and I never gonna let go

You’re not like the rest, I know your one of the best
you give more than you should and take nothing
in return (in return)
Stay always with me, and I’ll always will be
the one person that you can count on always to love

And I found a very special love in you,
Its a feeling that’s so totally new over and over
its longing inside, I found a very special love in you
and it almost breaks me in two squeezin me tighter,
And I never gonna let go..



  1. ako sawang sawa ako dito.. halos araw araw pinapa tugtog ito ng mama ko.. peborit nya… umaga tanghali gabi.. theme song siguro nila.. hihihi ..

  2. Hi Peter! 😀

    kakatawa naman mama mo.. hehe.. ako sa mp3 ko na pinapatugtog. Hindi naman kasi lahat ng tao sa bahay gusto yung song..huhuhu..

  3. Last time I checked hindi ganito itsura ni Lani Misalucha. May bago ba sa kanya? Pero ang galing pa rin niyang kumanta!

  4. Hi Tiffany! 😀

    Thanks for the comment…:)

    Yes, meron ngang nagbago..I guess yung nose nya… 😀
    Mukhang gumanda nga sya positive din yung kalabasan ng retoke.. hehe

    Magaling talaga syang singer… 😉

  5. i realy realy love this song.. ang sarap pakinggan..

    ok lng sakin kahit itong song lang ang laman ng ipod ko.. repeat all ko tapos shuffle ko pa.. =))

    i found a very special love from this song.. hehe.. 😀

  6. Hi i just want to thank the person who uploaded this song,,, i really really love this song… Godspeed

  7. you’re welcome christine! 😀

  8. ellow p0h..thanx 4 d s0ng..tgal q ng hnhnap lyrics n2 now q lng nasearch thanx bevs..mhlig dn aq s mga mejo melows n songs so i love singing diz..hehehe..d q lng kbsado lyrics but i know the tune..lg qng knkanta 2 actually..hehehe!thanx

  9. howdy Rei!
    Thanks for droppin by! 😀

  10. hmm.. this song fits me daw sabi ng special friend ko.ÜÜ don’t know why! hmm.. i was shocked when she told me bout it! hehe. wala lang! just wanna tell you. hehe..

    be safe! keep it up! God bless

  11. Hi mK..! 😀
    Thanks for dropping by ha..
    Good luck sa inyu ng “Special friend” mo! 😉

  12. haha.. lyk ko dis song.. ewan ko ba everytime na nar2nig ko to, it hits me straight to the heart.. hahah corny but true.. well well,,ganinan tlga ang mga filing ni luv.. cge2,, yngatz pare.. tnx 4 sharing dis special song.. echos..

  13. you’re welcome Zay! thanks for the visit! 😀

  14. favorite ko tlg to nun pa, dedicated for my very special friend

  15. napaka ganda tlg ng song na to, nkaka in love, hmmm….

  16. nakaka relate ako sa song, ky favorite ko na cy from now on.

  17. haaay! most guys hate to admit it, but damn, this is one beautiful song! heard it once on my buddy’s wedding and i immediately fell in love with it.

    can’t wait to sing it for my hunny sometime soon.

  18. how nice naman this song very inspiring talga. once i heard this i feel like a love, which i am special narin…..parang once i heard this i always find my very special love sa taong mahal na mahal me…beautiful song ever!!!!

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