Posted by: Bevs | May 18, 2007


😦      😦      😦

I’m not ought to say something about Red Alert game huh! I don’t even know how to play it. But this different thing my own “red alert”.

But uhhmm ….! Every month, five to six days (or even a week), women deal with this “red alert” its a girl thing. Yep, monthly menstrual period or menstruation! Grrrrrrrrr

Ok, fine, I know it’s in our nature. But damn! it so gross and very painful. I don’t know for some, but for me, 11 out of 12 months of having it a year, I am suffering from pains or what we call Dysmenorrhea.

Know why I’m talking about this? *sigh*I have mine today, and to tell you I’m having this painful cramps along with mild headache! *sniff* … Guys I’ll tell you….. this pain is killing me!!!

I can’t wait this to end. Hopefully this Wednesday. 😦

Anyway, happy weekend everyone! 😀



  1. I never had mine for a long long time now 😀

  2. i wonder why… 😛

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