Posted by: Bevs | May 11, 2007

Philippines’ Election… I am voting for….

Two days to go and Philippines Election will start. I’m not excited though, I just want to vote! hehehe Ok, so this is the time that Candidates give some money to their avid supporters huh…. Hmmm…Ass As usual 😀

I am used to it. It was 4 years ago since I started receiving money. hehe.. Yeah I know that’s kinda bad, but I would really vote for him/her even if they won’t give any penny to me eh.. 😉

So who are those names that I will write in my precious ballot…I’ll give my clue here, I will just write the first letter of their last names.. hehe..

*not in particular order

For Senators

1. D

2. V

3. Z

4. P

5. M

6. S

7. C

8. M

9. C




The three are still unknown! hahahaha..haven’t decided yet.. 😀

After the election, I might revel my choices..

Above all these, I hope that this Monday, we’ll have a peaceful and clean election.

Come on guys! Leave the people (voters) to decide! Good luck to all the Candicates National and Local !!!! 😀



  1. did you finish the list on election day? or did you leave the last three blank? 😀

    hmmm… number 1 and 2.. D and V..

    sinu pa kaya un? …. LOL

  2. ooooppsssss!!! Hi ray! 😀

    Yep I did.. 😀
    I’ll fill it in later..Thanks for reminding me.. wahahaha

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