Posted by: Bevs | May 7, 2007

Pizza Anyone?

Pizza Anyone??? 😀



  1. Hi Bevs, I love pizza, I have just eaten pizza and few minutes ago I published a post about pizza. What can I say more? 🙂
    Bye, Luca

  2. Hahaha… yeah that’s good… we both love pizza… have you seen my pics and the pizza I ate?? hehe

    Anyway, thanks for the visit.. May I know what your blog is?? 😀

  3. Really… what a pizza!!!! Not only I love pizza, I am also quite good at making it (here in Italy pizza is very popular).

    My blog is:

    Hope you’ll visit it. Bye. Luca.

  4. Hey Luca…You make pizza on your own? Wow that’s good! 😀
    Yep I’ll visit your blog… 😀

  5. Salut, Luca!
    Excuse moi, mais je prèfere ècrire en français…..
    bonne chance pour ton blog!


  6. hi Christina.. Sorry but i can’t understand what you are saying.. 😦
    Please talk in English..
    thanks 🙂

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