Posted by: Bevs | April 9, 2007

How I Spent my Holy Week…

Holy Week, in Christianity is the last week of Lent. That’s from Thursday through Friday, we have our work vacations. So, how did I spend all those days? I spent my Holy Thursday, well, sleeping! Yep ‘coz I was from work Wednesday night to Thursday morning, so I was very sleepy then, and I decided to spend that day full of sleep.

I spent my Holy Friday with a procession held in our town. That’s where we had to walk an hour and a half together with the life size images of different Saints and offer prayers too.

Together with friends, we decided to spend Black Saturday on a beach. We spent a day there swimming, chatting and eating some seafoods (since those days are day for fasting and meats are not allowed). It was fun though; we had a great time hanging there. The water was cool and the breeze was so HOT! Whew!

Easter Sunday, well, I thought me and my cousins will spend that day on beach but then, the plan was turned onto nothing, there were changes happened. 😦 But then, I spent that day with the family. 🙂

Now, since it’s Monday, time to go back to the usual routine, work! 😀









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