Posted by: Bevs | March 26, 2007

Devil in Disguise?

Devil in disguise? Lol.. Nah, it was a fine night in my room when I saw a devil horn headband of my niece hanging on my mirror. Put it in my head and took a picture of it. 😀 It was fun seeing my self with that.


But it was just a picture. In reality, I am not a bad person. Though people judge me and instantly say so. But who are they to judge me like that? They know me but they don’t know who I am inside. Sometimes, it’s so pity seeing them, looking at me with those suspicious look at their eyes. *sigh* Why can’t they look at their selves in the mirror for them to find out?

Better the devil you know… devil3



  1. Nice pictures .:)

  2. hehehe thanks Berci for that compliment… 😀

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