Posted by: Bevs | March 16, 2007

Pity you

How would you feel if there is somebody in your life who thinks does right which is absolutely wrong? Who thinks knows everything but not? Who judge you and treat you as if he/she’s always above you where it’s not?


Isn’t that irritating? Isn’t that annoying? Isn’t that damn crazy?


Who ever you are this is for you:


What if I say, I hate you. What will you do?

What will you do if I slap your face back when you slap me?

What will you do if everything around you falls down and you see nothing but hell?

Where will you go if that somebody you trust will fool you and dump you nowhere?


How would you feel if I say all those words back at you?

What will you do if I say you are such an obnoxious one?

Will you feel pain if I throw you hundreds of bad words you once threw at me?

Will you feel sad when you know I am happy where you’re not?


To tell you the truth, you are so annoying! To tell you the truth you are one of the lamest people I’ve ever known. To tell you, you are the dumbest person.

You disguise to be happy. Try to look at your self in the mirror. Who do you see?

Don’t fool your self. I know you disguise everything. Get out of your shell and face the reality. Be true to yourself. You don’t know everything.


And I pity you for that. How sad you live in a world of lie.


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