Posted by: Bevs | February 22, 2007

My Favorite House Spot

“There are times when I really need to be alone, where, I want to talk and listen to my self, and just be there in silence.” ~~~Bevs

Let’s talk about my favorite house spot…

My room!

Yup. This is the place where I can be naked all they long! Hahaha… Seriously, my room is the only place where I find my freedom. I can stay there thinking, day dreaming, hum to my favorite music and dancing to my favorite beat. It is my witness in every feeling I have. My room is the only place where I can shed my tears, in every teardrop that runs from my eyes to the sob that I’m making. Whenever I miss someone, when somebody got me disappointed, when somebody breaks my heart, during times of loneliness, my room shelters me.

I have a very small room, composed of bed, pillows (2 pillows and a “hotdog” pillow), my teddy bear (in my bed), a chair, cabinets, my shoe rack, an electric fan, and my cosmetics (beauty products).

Guess what’s its color?

PINK! Yep! PINK! 😀



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