Posted by: Bevs | February 19, 2007

“Crush” :D

 leonardodicaprio.jpgIf there’s one actor that I really admire he’s none other than Mr. Leonardo Dicaprio. Gosh, he’s so cute isn’t he? He’s the greatest crush I’ve ever had. Those lips, eyes, nose and smile captured me. I love seeing him in his movies. The most recent movie that I’ve ever watched was his movie “Blood Diamond”. He did a great job playing his role. But then, he died on “Blood Diamond”, same as in his movies, Titanic and the Departed. When I watched the “Blood Diamond” I can’t resist on staring at his eyes and shivered. 😀 He’s is so damn CUTE! He is 32 but then it seems like he’s still on his 20’s. *sigh* I hope I could meet him someday. 😀 Even in my dreams…..



  1. I have a thing for Leo too! It’s not just he’s so goodlooking but also that he’s such a good actor and does all these things for the environment too and he’s also kind of mysterious! My cousin who lives in LA saw him once shopping at Bristol Farms with his (then) g/f gisele, the brazilian model. She was surprised they looked so normal and no one bothered them! But then maybe everyone like she was, was afraid to go up to them.

  2. really?? Wow that’s great. She must be lucky seeing Leo…. Now i envy your cousin.. 😀
    yeah right he is really down to earth. If you notice in his website, he is really into environment. He cares at it a lot.. 😀

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