Posted by: Bevs | January 25, 2007

PR 3 for my Blog


It’s been six months since I started my blog “It’s Mah Lyf”. The main purpose is to post what’s inside of me plus my desire in music, movies and celebrities. I am not really expecting that my blog will need to have Page Rank (PR) or something. As long as I want to write down what I want that’s enough for me.

Actually every time I open my blog or update it I am not really looking at my Google Toolbar and don’t even checked if the PR meter turns green or does my blog has PR. But then, just yesterday when I decided to let my friend see something about my blog then he sent me a message saying my blog has its PR! I was really surprise and let me see it my self for real. Yes! It’s true. My blog has reached PR 3! 😀

I am very happy to know that this simple blog of mine has something to prove. Well, I am very thankful for my fellow bloggers too who never hesitate to drop by on my blog. I promise to update this blog everyday (as what I usually do). Thanks everyone. 😀



  1. Don’t care about PR meters…. I like your celebrity related posts even as a medical blogger. 🙂

  2. It’s just that i’m not expecting to have PR in my blog…. 🙂
    Anyways, thanks for liking it.. 😀
    How was the award? Did you win? I voted for you… hope you did… 🙂

  3. The judges said: Special mention goes to ScienceRoll, a weblog by Bertalan Meskó, a medical student at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, who has received the highest number of votes from readers. Judges scores, almost unanimously in favor of Flea, have determined the outcome in this very competitive category.

  4. oh i see.. but at least you have the highest vote.. 😀

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