Posted by: Bevs | January 18, 2007

The Latest Trends for Plus-Size Figures

I am not a fashionista woman (just “kikay”..hehe). I am very much conforatble wearing jeans and shirt. I rarely wear sleeveless or mini skirt when going to malls cause I feel really uncomfortable with that.

I am not a plus-size woman either. I fit on the medium/large sizes without any extras. 😀

I would just like to share this article which i found in MSN and Originally published on trends for plus-size figures.

Skinny Jeans and Leggings

Although the boot cut is still a universally flattering classic, slimmer silhouettes are the look du jour. Fran Kauchner, style expert at plus-size retailer Silhouettes, says slim jeans and leggings are popular this year, despite the fact that they can be hard to wear. She recommends a denim legging that marries two great trends and looks modern tucked into a high boot. But Kelly counsels caution. “Skinny jeans put all the emphasis on your hips, thighs, and butt. Some women don’t mind that, but most women I know want those body parts to look smaller,” he says. If you do want to wear skinnies, “make sure you’re doing them in a dark wash, and emphasizing your waist somehow.”


Today’s tunics are a godsend to those of us who love comfort dressing, but be careful with the cut. If your top is too roomy, you could look like you’re wearing a tent. “The last thing a plus-size girl should wear is a shapeless tunic that covers the butt. She’ll look top-heavy and bigger than she really is,” says Kelly. “Tunics are great if they narrow a little at the waist and have darting at the bust.” Kauchner recommends embellished and bohemian styles, or a “tress” — a dress/tunic hybrid that will have the tailoring and the length in one piece.


Cinching the waist is an easy way to create an hourglass — and to capitalize on a huge trend. “Wear a chain belt so it’s not hugging tightly,” says Kauchner. “Wider belts can break up the top half of your body.” Should you position it at your hips, natural waist — or even higher? “Most women are smallest under the bustline, so raise that belt higher than your natural waist — right at the bottom of your rib cage,” says Kelly.


Tucking pants into knee boots has been a big look for several years now, but now even those who don’t have twig-like legs can pull off this style. Silhouettes, J.Crew, Lane Bryant, and Ann Taylor are among the retailers that offer extended-calf boots. Booties also look chic this year — and fit everyone, regardless of calf size.


Big, bold prints — especially animal-inspired — have made a huge comeback and can help distract the eye from a problem area. Kauchner says a “bold, statement-driven top” with a dark bottom is a no-fail look. “Remember to keep your prints proportionate with your frame,” says Kelly. “Just as a petite woman would be overwhelmed by gigantic prints, a plus-size woman can be underwhelmed by itsy-bitsy Holly Hobby florals.” This daring tress from Silhouettes (pictured above) offers look-at-me swagger.


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