Posted by: Bevs | December 12, 2006

Top 10 Popular Baby Names of 2006!


I don’t have my own child yet since I am only 22 but I have plan for sure to have one or even more than that. Many of us might confuse on choosing a name suitable for their child. I am thinking actually that this is a great help for me since my sister-in-law will have her new baby this March. Hmmmm and I will suggest a name taken here. 😀

Knowing that there are many source still that could give help and ideas for the parents on giving one. 😀 Thanks for them!

Picking a name for your baby is a complex task, but every year parents rise to the challenge — and every year names rise and fall in popularity. To see where the trends lie, we compile data annually from more than 350,000 BabyCenter members. Our list is unique because it combines names with the same pronunciation but different spellings to give a more accurate view of popularity.

Creative and unique spelling of baby names continues to be the most popular trend in 2006. Parents found 86 ways to spell the top 10 boys’ names, and 163 ways to spell the top 10 girls’ names.


Unique twists on traditional spelling variations include: the letter “y” used in place of almost any other vowel; silent letters such as “h”; the use of apostrophes; inter-word capital letters; changing vowels (from “ee” to “eigh”) and consonants (“k” instead of “c”, “f” instead of “ph”). Creative spelling of this year’s top boys name reveals Aiden spelled with an “e”, Aiyden, and Aedyn. In previous years it was Aidan with an “a”. (

See what else parents came up with in 2006!

Top 10 Baby Names of 2006


1. Emma (Rank in 2005: 1)

2. Madison (Rank in 2005: 3)

3. Ava (Rank in 2005: 10)

4. Emily (Rank in 2005: 2)

5. Isabella (Rank in 2005: 6)

6. Kaitlyn (Rank in 2005: 4)

7. Sophia (Rank in 2005: 5)

8. Olivia (Rank in 2005: 7)

9. Abigail (Rank in 2005: 11)

10. Hailey (Rank in 2005: 13)


1. Aiden (Rank in 2005: 1)

2. Jacob (Rank in 2005: 2)

3. Ethan (Rank in 2005:3)

4. Ryan (Rank in 2005: 6)

5. Matthew (Rank in 2005: 5)

6. Jack (Rank in 2005: 8)

7. Noah (Rank in 2005: 16)

8. Nicholas (Rank in 2005: 4)

9. Joshua (Rank in 2005: 9)

10. Logan (Rank in 2005: 19)


Happy Choosing Moms and Dads!!! 😉

Here are the list of top 100 names of 2006!




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