Posted by: Bevs | December 5, 2006

The Best Party Dress for Your Shape

Your Goal: To Create Feminine Curves


The Best Dress for You: A halter dress with a soft bias-cut skirt. Whether you want to play up an already-curvy body or make curves where there usually are none, a halter dress with a bias-cut skirt does it for you. The halter draws the eye upward to your cleavage (it can even help create cleavage if you’re lacking — simply wear a push-up, strapless or convertible bra underneath). And a bias-cut skirt skims and flows over your bottom half, gently rounding out hips and giving the illusion of a curvier derriere.

Your Goal: To Make Your Lower Half Seem Slimmer


The Best Dress for You: An A-line dress. To make a curvy lower half sleeker, nothing beats a dress with an A-line skirt. It’s cut in the shape of an A, which means it flares out from the waist, over hips and bum slightly, widening at the hem. Keep your A-line on the smaller, subtle side; too big a difference between waist and hem creates a pound-adding bell effect. On top? Anything goes. A-line skirts look particularly pretty with strapless tops or deep V-necks, which add a bit of sexiness.

Your Goal: To Look Thinner Overall


The Best Dress for You: A shift-style dress that hugs your body under your breasts. To look slimmer overall, you want to focus on your already-slim parts. For nearly every woman, that’s the area around the ribcage, right under the breasts. Look for a shift with a seam or shirring across this area; the horizontal line the seam or shirring creates will draw the eye to this slim area. Your shift should have a skirt that’s cut on a narrow A-line, to skim hips and buttocks. Up top, try a sloping V-neck to add the illusion of width at your shoulders (which will, in turn, make your torso seem even narrower).

Your Goal: To Balance Your Wide Shoulders


The Best Dress for You: A dress with ruffled or soft, chiffon short sleeves and a skirt with movement. Wide shoulders call for soft fabric to slightly cover them; leave them bare or topped with spaghetti straps and you’ll likely look like a linebacker! Instead, choose a dress with chiffon short sleeves, which will glaze over shoulders and soften their look. Balance your shoulders out on the bottom with a skirt that moves and is not too clingy. A handkerchief skirt or a full skirt cut on the bias will help achieve this look.

Your Goal: To Camouflage Plump Arms


The Best Dress for You: A long-sleeved dress that shows some skin elsewhere. The easiest way to camouflage your arms is with a long-sleeved dress. But because party dresses should look festive, you want to stay away from boring, drab long-sleeved dresses that cover you completely. Instead, choose a dress with sleeves (either close-fitting for a dramatic look, or loose and flowing for a softer effect) that shows off skin somewhere else. That could mean a short skirt to show off great legs; a deep V in back to showcase a toned back; or a low scoop-neck to show off cleavage.

Your Goal: To Look Taller


The Best Dress for You: A dress with an empire waist and a fluttery skirt. An empire waist — one that ends just under your bust, and from which the fabric of the skirt of your dress flows — draws the eye upward, giving your body the illusion of height. Empire waists can be tricky to wear, though; that’s why you want to choose one with a fluttery skirt that’s not too full (a full skirt can make you look pregnant) that falls to the knee — no higher! The skirt should softly show the shape of your hips. Pair with high heels for an even longer, taller effect.

Source: MSN News


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