Posted by: Bevs | December 5, 2006

Sagittarius Celebrity Stars

Here are some celebrities who are Sagittarians and are about to celebrate their birthdays this December. Get to know them more.

Brad Pitt:brad.jpg
December 18, 1963
These days, it’s a fair bet that when Brad’s not on a movie set, he’s jet-setting to Africa to be with his leading lady. For the Sun Sign who virtually equates sitting still with depression, being in constant motion must be divine. Sagittarius thinks there’s so much to see, do, and be in the world, so much to discover about oneself; why on Earth would anyone want to limit himself to just one place? It’s the curse and the blessing of the Archer, the eternal restlessness, endless questing to find a world bigger than his own back yard. The Archer is a wild centaur – half man, half horse – and being fenced in, whether in the wrong relationship, the wrong identity, or the wrong job, is a curse far worse than restlessness. This lesson we’d do well to learn from Sag is that there’s nothing more valuable than freedom, and it is worth every penny of the high price it commands. When he fell for Angelina Jolie, Brad also began a relationship with the sad and beautiful Sudan region of Africa, where poverty limits everyone’s freedoms. It looks like Brad has discovered the Sagittarian Holy Grail: traveling abroad can give a person new perspective on the world and his place in it.

Woody Allen:woody.jpg
December 1, 1935
Comic, crack-up, funny man Woody has never failed either to annoy movie watchers with his relentless neurotic commentary or to make us squeal with delight as he delivers another humorous look at sex, love, and relationships. Woody has the remarkable ability of a great storyteller to weave interesting people, eccentric everyday events, and perplexing interactions into a delightful mélange of curious self-discovery. That’s the nature of expansive Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the only planet in the solar system that keeps taking more and more space, expanding its boundary ring beyond its previous definition and, in doing so, drawing more moons, meteorites, and asteroids into its orbit. In people terms, that’s what the Archer does – to expand beyond what his eyes, ears, and body sense, asking, “Is there more to know?” Then reaching wide and deep, he draws new experiences into his orbit. What does the Archer receive in return? Insight into himself, and insight into the human condition. Almost anyone who loves Woody (either you love him or you hate him) walks away from his best films with more insight into human character than they had going in.

Katie Holmes:katie.jpg
December 18, 1978
“I think every little girl dreams about her wedding. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise.” Who knew that the woman who used to dream about marrying Tom Cruise as a little girl would grow up to do so? Was it an everyday coincidence or the visionary gift of Jupiter? Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians are always dreaming of the future, of the endless exciting possibilities of what’s to come. They possess oodles of imagination, creating wonderful sandcastles in the air. But in spite (or because) of all their daydreaming, some of their dreams serendipitously come true! It’s almost as if the world conspires with the dreamers who dream big, dropping big presents in their path. It happened with Katie’s career, too. It took one audition to cast the inexperienced actress in her first movie role in The Ice Storm. After that, it was as though the offers happened effortlessly. While still in high school in Toledo, Ohio, she sent a home video to the producer of Dawson’s Creek, who knew she was so perfect for the part he postponed an audition so she could finish her school play. Are some people born luckier than others? For those born under the planet Jupiter, yes!

Britney Spears:britneyspears.jpg
December 2, 1981
This pop princess was singing at age 8, and by age 18 had won awards for Best Female Artist, Best Pop Artist, and Best Breakthrough Artist in Europe. Now she has four albums, all having debuted at number one. Innocent and sexy, people were eating Britney up faster than you can say “hit me baby one more time.” But somewhere along the way, Britney’s image became over-exposed, and the high price of living in the public’s eye took its toll. Sometimes a good thing can go too far, and expansive Sagittarius needs a self-awareness check to prevent her natural exuberance from going overboard and getting in a lot of trouble. Much needed perspective often comes right on the heels of a really big mistake. In Britney’s case, it was a shotgun Las Vegas wedding to her first husband, or driving in a car with her infant in her lap, among others. Chin up, Brit, you’re an optimistic Sag! For whatever Sagittarians do, they do it big and publicly. It’s the nature of the planet.

Ben Stiller:ben.jpg
November 30, 1965
This Archer shoots arrows aimed for the funny bone and hits spot-on every time. An Archer with good aim is a good thing, especially because they see so many creative options, it’s often hard to choose just one direction. The crucial lesson for Sag is to cultivate what motivates you. Ben flirted with real-life drama in Reality Bites and Permanent Midnight, but it’s his dry wit and deadpan humor that make the man worthy of watching. Sagittarians are character studies in themselves, absorbing and weaving information into an integrated storyline – one they’ll retell in an infinite number of ways. The ironic thing about Sag is, the further they get from home, the likelier they are to find their way back. In Zoolander and Dodgeball, Ben parodies his uptight, vain characters so well that you have to wonder if there’s a little bit of each in him.

Source: MSN Astrology


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