Posted by: Bevs | November 10, 2006


I am a big fan of boybands, even if many would say they suck! But then, listening to their music and appreciating their melody touch my heart in a great way. Among the boybands around the world, Westlife is my favorite. They’re voices are great, they got lovely faces and of course they are very down to earth. The band composed of Mark, Shane, Nicky, Kian and Brian, but so sad Brian left the band and so the four members continue of doing music still.

Mark is my favorite among the band. As I remember, when i was in my 3rd year high school, when I first saw their video “Swear it Again”, Mark was the center of my attraction. I like his voice, being quiet and he’s cute isnt he?. Even if later last year, he announced that he’s a gay, but then my support for him and for the band never change.

How come I start talking about Westlife again? Well, its just that i was facing the computer and started thinking about their song angel and search it over and listen to it. And so, i searched for more of their songs and there i go again, reminiscing.

I have here their latest video entitled “The Rose”. The video is great and so as the song.


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