Posted by: Bevs | November 8, 2006

J’ Avoir Le Begiun Te “FLAMAND” Homme

J’ avoir le begiun te “FLAMAND” homme et cette est pour te……





Here I am again

Trying to get out of what the real feeling

My heart still loves to deny

What I’m feeling, what’s inside.


Here you go again,


Passing me by and by


Know nothing about my feelings


How can it be?


Here I am, there you are


We both here in same world


But walls separate us.


No matter what I do.


I want to feel you, hold you and touch you

But I can’t, so impossible

Coz this feeling hides,

Behind these smiles.


If I tell you about this will you listen?


Will you take the chance to hear me?


Hopefully you will…


Hopefully you will…



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