Posted by: Bevs | October 30, 2006

My Guimaras Escapade

Last Saturday, (October 28, 2006) I spent two days with friends in Guimaras. The main purpose is to relax and spend time with friends.

Actually the first plan was to go to an adventure park but in the end we decided to go to beach. The beach is Villa Igang and is located in Nueva Valencia. The beach is great! nice cottages, friendly people and water is so cool. They also have mini grotto and cave. We roamed around the place and took some pictures.

I was so stressed at first because i was lacked of sleep. But then, everything went great because of laughs and reminiscing our high school moments. Even if we were only 7 but still, we made it as a very exciting and fun moment together.

I was so happy to spend days with friends. Now that I’m back to work, I am very relax and will surely smile everytime I remember those days.

I have here a picture taken when we leaved the beach…. I guess i’ll uploead more pix next time… 🙂

friends.jpg  guimarasa.jpgguimarasb.jpgguimarasc.jpg

guimarasd.jpg guimarase.jpg


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