Posted by: Bevs | October 4, 2006

My Unique Family

“My Family is the greatest thing I posses and won’t ever be destroyed by anyone.”~~~Bevs




My mother once told me to be mature, grow up and be independent! I am a person who never thinks that I’m old enough. Well, yes I’m 22 now but acting as a child still. I guess growing up together with my three big brothers is a factor. We are so close that we always tease each other around even now that the eldest is 29; the second is 27 and 25 as the third. My brothers are different we always play each other around and we love to laugh out and bully each other (but just kidding). I cant really explain much how our bonding makes us UNIQUE.


So how can I act as a grown up with this people? Nah, I’m not thinking abut that anymore. As long as I’m happy with my life, as long as my family is in good health., as long as I make my parents proud of me… there’s nothing more that I could ask.

God gave me a special family. I won’t let anyone ruin this family I have. Even if we are not rich with loads of money, as long as we can eat three times a day. I know my family is safe with the prayers we ask for our LORD and guidance He give makes my family stronger and better one.


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